Camella Taal & Camella San Pascual


camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Taal & Camella San Pascual supports Earth Hour 2022

A night full of fun and music under the stars!

Taal and San Pascual, Camella projects in Batangas participated in the recent Earth Hour 2022.
It was indeed a successful night featuring the first episode of QUESST’s lifestyle channel, “The Home Talk: Bloom Inside Your Home”, showcasing tips about the basics of flower arrangement at home. Afterwards, the countdown to the much awaited Earth Hour started. Exactly 8:30PM, all lights are off. Staffs, business partners, homeowners and friends gathered in front of Camella Taal’s showcase area and lightened the 60+ candles as a symbol for earth hour.

All fired-up and rekindled for the initiative of a greener future ahead. Together, we can shape our future!

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