Camella Leyte


camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Leyte supports Earth Hour 2022

In this year’s Earth Hour Activity, Camella Leyte started the program by a 20-minute long Zumba session lead by the staff and joined in by the sellers and homeowners together with their kids. Spirit of competition was felt during the games for the kids and adults that were facilitated by the staffs. They were all in it for the prize! Kids seem to enjoy and not get enough of the finger foods that were prepared after placing their handprint on our “Make your Mark” wall. A couple of staffs also serenaded our participants during their intermission number. To entertain the people, a movie was played while waiting for the countdown to switch off the lights.  

Kids, sellers, homeowners, and staffs take part in lighting the candles that formed the “60+” symbol that meant switching off our lights for 60 minutes and more to help save energy and save mother earth. While waiting to switch back on, the Earth hour official video and documentaries about our environment were played to educate and inform our participants on how we could help save our home through our simple ways. Raffle prizes were also given and another set of games for children were played. As the lights were switched back on, Ms. Mae Joy Evano had her closing message with encouragement to everyone to take part in being the solution to one of the world’s biggest problems.

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