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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Baia supports Earth Hour 2022

Camella Baia at Bay, Laguna celebrated Earth Hour 2022 with a theme; Glamping Night held at Baia Sales Office. It is part of the the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to established a global campaign. Held once a year to urge individuals, societies, corporations, and other organizations to switch off all non-essential electric lights for one hour.

Event started at 6:30pm joined with APC-Apex Marketing Specialist, Garces Sabile Realty, Investors, Production Department, and Marketing Department. By this campaign, the main motive is to raise awareness among the world’s people about climate change. This will help to make an impact and be hopeful that there are still people who are concerned by the increased of global warning and other environmental challenges.

We, together with Camella Baia, must take an action to combat global warming and focus on energy conservation for future generations. Earth Hour Day is a campaign to combat all of the disadvantages and turn them into positives. Be part of the movement. Be part of the change we long to see.

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