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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Baliwag & Camella San Ildefonso supports Earth Hour 2022

Camella Baliwag and San Ildefonso sellers and staff conducted an earth hour event last March 26, 2022. The purpose is to unite and encourage each individual and our community to take action practicing the importance of saving our planet. We held two events on that day – our fun run and Zumba in the morning, and lastly, our candle lighting in the evening.

The Staff and Sellers from the in-house and brokers group joined the event and participated in our activities. We started the day at 8 AM through a fun run and Zumba. The fun run starting line is from Phase 6, and the finish line is beside the Basketball Court located at Phase 4. Sellers who have reached the finish line and garnered three flags received a limited Camella Earth Hour Shirt.

Right after the fun run, we started the favorite activity of our sellers, Zumba. We required our sellers to wear a white shirt to sprinkle colored powders during the event. We picked six lucky winners on that day for the sellers who stood out during the event and received prizes from us. After the morning activities, we all gathered to have our breakfast and announced the promos and updates of our respective projects. Lastly, in the evening, we gathered at Camella Prominenza to light our candles to show our support for 60+ minutes of earth hour.

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