Camella Calamba & Camella Dos Rios


camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Calamba & Camella Dos Rios supports Earth Hour 2022

Camella Dos Rios Trails came up with the morning  event Investor’s day with a day full of trippings and inquiries.  In order for them to enjoy the day, we have some little treat for them, as a way of giving back for inquiring, we gave them some snacks and of course, some discussion about our project so that they’ll be familiarized with the project.

And, for our evening event, In collaboration with Camella Calamba, we have celebrated the Earth Hour 2022 with a theme of Glamping and Acoustic Night. We have invited the acoustic duo called Laze Band, also from Laguna. They serenaded guests and most especially they made the event more special. As Camella Dos Rios Trails and Calamba held the event, we as a marketing joined the Earth Hour movement in order to save the future.

At exactly 8:30-9:30, we have closed all the lights and light up the candles in a way, we can help the earth to save up electricity. This day has taught us that saving up electricity has a big impact on saving the earth, in our little way, we have helped save our mother earth.

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