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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Gensan supports Earth Hour 2022

Camella Gensan Celebrated its 14th anniversary with the participation of Earth hour as the main event on March 26, 2022. Starting with a clean-up drive activity in Camella Cerritos Gensan, the goal is not just to maintain the beauty of the community but also to lessen the trash that harms the environment by collecting and segregating them properly. Together, Camella staff and homeowners brought cleaning materials to collect garbage. By reconnecting to nature, this activity also connects the community.

With the touch of art, earth hour activity becomes more fun! Face luminous painting brought colors in the darkest hour of the year. This art was enjoyed by the homeowners, especially by the kids. As the paint glowed brightly, the night became colorful.

The night became more amazing when some participants unleashed their talent in the crowd. A live band performed and gave a chance for the participants to show off. Their voices gave a different kind of vibe for the evening.

At exactly 8:30 pm, the earth hour began. As the lights were off, the staff and homeowners gathered at the center and lit up the candles one by one. Slowly, 60+ was forming, the symbol of earth hour. The finale is light photography making the evening extraordinary. 

Camella Gensan’s earth hour participation is a moment of solidarity. A reminder that we should work together to take care of each other and the one home we all share. This also means unity, not just in your family but also in the community, giving impact in saving our planet. We are the solution to saving the planet. Earth hour is one of the actions to shape our future.

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