Earth Hour 2024

Join us in Building Environmentally Resilient
Communities for our Shared Home

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Camella is one in celebrating our shared home this Earth Hour by fostering environmental awareness across the archipelago.
We believe healthy and vibrant neighborhoods serve as the bedrock of a flourishing planet, and, like the Earth,
Camella communities are built to endure, adapt, and grow stronger together.

We envision residents empowered to conserve resources, nurture their surroundings, and connect with nature.
Every action and every choice ripples outward, shaping a more sustainable future for our shared home.

Our Commitment

At Camella, we believe our homes are more than just brick and mortar.
They are the cornerstones for thriving communities within a shared environment.

This Earth Hour, we invite you to join us in a symbolic gesture of unity towards a future that is more sustainable.

An Hour for Earth

Participate in the global movement by switching off non-essential
electricity for one hour, sending a powerful message of unity
and action against climate change.

Lights Off is a meaningful opportunity to reflect on our planet’s
precious resources and commit to making a difference.

Engage Your Community

Beyond turning off lights, discover hands-on initiatives that resonate
with our commitment to environmental resilience. Engage your community
in activities that foster lasting connections and generate positive impact.

Appliances and Solar Exhibit

In partnership with AllHome and PAVI Green

An interactive display showcasing solar panels and energy-efficient
appliances, aimed at educating and inspiring the community
about the advantages of renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

Mini Library

In partnership with Coffee Project and Dear Joe

Step into our mini library, a sanctuary offering respite from the digital buzz.
Escape the distractions of technology and immerse in a serene atmosphere
adorned with books and coffee, providing a peaceful retreat for the spirit.

Up Your Knowledge

We believe that empowered communities are borne from well-informed
neighborhoods. Enhance your awareness and meaningfully contribute
to the global effort for a sustainable future.

Earth Hour Webinar
"From Footprint to Frontrunner: Leading
the Way in Corporate Carbon Reduction"

In partnership with PAVI Green

Explore innovative strategies that transition corporations
from expending large carbon footprint to leading the charge
in reducing environmental impact with Engr. Robert Pereja.

Reconnect with Our Planet

Engaging with nature offers the best ways for appreciation, fostering a deeper connection, and inspiring
a commitment to protect the Earth. As we rediscover the essence of living in harmony with our planet,
it becomes evident why efforts towards environmental resilience are crucial for the survival of humanity.

The Importance of Community
Involvement During Earth Hour

First organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Earth Hour event
is an environmental movement participated by global communities as part
of a commitment to saving the planet.

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Earth Hour 2024: Switching Off
to Switch On a Sustainable

Earth Hour every March is a meaningful event
where lights are switched off around the globe,
uniting people in a symbolic gesture to raise
awareness about environmental issues
and advocate for sustainability.

Camella Gensan Earth Hour 2022 Celebration

Celebrating Earth Hour 2023

Camella demonstrated its commitment
to the planet by dedicating an entire day
to Earth Hour 2023 activities in every
Camella community nationwide.

Why join Earth Hour 2022

Earth Hour 2022:
Why It Matters and Why Join?

What significance did Earth Hour 2022 hold?
Here is why it mattered and how you can get
involved in meaningful change that will resonate
for decades today.

Camella Earth Hour Over the Years

Camella remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental progress and resilience,
acknowledging the pressing need to address the effects of climate change.

Since 2012, the Philippines’ largest homebuilder has been actively advocating
the significance of Earth Hour, extending efforts beyond the symbolic hour of darkness.

Inspiring Care for Our Planet

One action sets off a chain reaction.
You are vital in inspiring meaningful change in your community.

Save the date and join our nationwide initiative for the planet.
Come with us on Saturday, March 23, 2024, as we devote more than just an hour for Earth.

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