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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Silang, Camella Alfonso, Camella Alta Silang, Camella Terrazas supports Earth Hour 2022

I love Earth because… 

During Earth Hour, this thought usually pops up in our minds. We ask ourselves, “why I love Earth?” and later on, it’ll be a sentence.  

Camella Silang, Camella Alfonso, Camella Alta Silang, and Camella Terrazas also known as Team SiCAT held the following activities for this year’s Earth Hour:  

  1. Tree Planting Trees symbolize life and growth. As the trees grow, homeowners will have the sensation of hope and fulfillment. Also, planting trees help our Camella community being flood-free, and give shed and fresh air.
  2. 143 Earth (Heart-shaped “I Love Earth because…”) Reflecting on why you love Earth gives sense of general care to the environment and to the people around you. This activity reminded everyone to love and to care our Mother Earth for our brighter future.
  3. Acoustic Night Singing your heart out is good for the soul. Camella Alta Silang was filled with sweet voices and emotions dedicated to our Mother Earth.
  4. 60+ Lighting The 60+ logo represents our commitment to positively act for our planet that goes beyond the hour. With this, our lighting activity marked as our promise to be mindful for the Earth on whatever we do.

These activities uplifted our spirit to not just love and care about Earth in one hour, but for the rest of our lives as we pass this pledge from generation to generation. 

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