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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Palawan & Camella Manors Verdant supports Earth Hour 2022

Camella PalaONE supported Earth Hour 2022 with a set of activities involving environmental awareness and sustainability.

Our morning started with a peaceful session of poolside Yoga, a great time for meditation and creating harmony within ourselves. As part of our green on initiative, we planted some pine trees and did some landscaping to make a point about sustainability especially because Palawan is our last ecological frontier.

As for the night, we organized a nature-themed movie night, most of our attendees were the children of our homeowners. It’s a way to educate the younger generation about our environment, and we hope that it will go long way. We also had a fire performance by the pool, and candle lighting as we switched off the lights for 60 minutes. A reminder that saving energy makes a big difference for our world.

Camella Palawan and Camella Manors Verdant is grateful for a successful One Hour, One World, and Our Future movement for Earth Hour!

We hope that other people will be inspired to do the same and join hands in saving our earth.

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