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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Subic supports Earth Hour 2022

Being one with the whole world in celebrating and taking part on the annual gesture of saving electricity for mother nature “Earth Hour 2022”, Camella Subic is One with Every Camella Project in the country in participating on this drive as we impart in a whole day event from dawn till the setting of the sun.

We started with a challenging yet energizing and fun color run around the subdivision as we are accompanied by our beloved sellers, staff, and Home owners. The event highlighted the development and features of Camella Subic as every race stations corresponds to a particular offering or amenity. The ground in Subic, Zambales turned into rainbow as we conclude the fun and colorful race. And at the end of this event we awarded our agile and quick race champions. Everybody in attendance experienced the touch of nature and felt the warmth of the morning sun but the day is not yet over as we continue till the evening as we witness the tantalizing and serene sight of the night sky in Camella Subic.

Every beautiful thing in this world deserves to be appreciated and celebrated and that is the whole purpose of the evening event. Along with the symbolic 1 hour switching off of the lights in the showacase area, we also showcase the talents and creativity of our seller with the Saturday night serenade. And not with just talents, the evening’s event also highlighted the aesthetic taste of our dear sellers as we gave them a portion of time to shine with their bohemian outfits.

And at the end of the night one seller reign supreme and awarded as the king of the night.

That was the whole Saturday affair here in Camella Subic, A colorful, Fun and Ecstatic day for our Sellers, For our Staffs, and for our Home owners.

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