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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Sto. Tomas supports Earth Hour 2022

Together, let’s safeguard our nature and our future!

Earth Hour 2022, is a movement for the betterment of our planet and our future. The said movement is to raise awareness towards the need to make a move on environmental change. We aim to have a peaceful, clean and green environment. We can’t beat environmental change without safeguarding nature. We must be responsible citizens and prevent our mother Earth’s destruction.

Living in a quiet and nature-friendly community is a dream of many. Let’s start to make a change in our community. It is our responsibility to help each other, let’s all help hand in hand in healing our planet. Our wellbeing and our planet are naturally connected and both are in danger. We are running out of time, let’s all act now.

Camella Sto. Tomas supports Earth Hour 2022, it is a significant fun-filled day for our sellers and staff. After years of online activities/meetings finally, we can conduct face-to-face activities. We had a Zumba Mania morning activity from 8:00 AM-9:00 AM followed by an Open House RFO Preview from 10 am onwards. Our evening activity started from 6:00 PM onwards with an acoustic night session under the stars and capping off the night with the kindling of lights. Our staffs and sellers gather to make a change for our planet.

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