Camella Manors Butuan


camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Manors Butuan supports Earth Hour 2022

I must say, our event here in Butuan wasn’t a success but it wasn’t also a failure. It’s also the first face-to-face event wherein both Camella Homes and Camella Manors had after almost 3 years. Though we were not able to anticipate the continuous rainfall starting at 5:30 pm that day, nevertheless, we were able to finish the program at a different location. There was an array of food stalls which gathered the home owners at the venue, which is in the Basketball Court, prior to the program proper. Acoustic live band played from 6pm until 8pm that night right before the countdown. We then proceed to Camella Homes Clubhouse to continue the program with 1-hour long Zumba and a 13-minute Fire Dance performance during the Earth Hour. The photo attached is taken by Ms. Jenny Herbas Balaba, it captured the ending performance of the Fire Dancers which totally awed the audience as if it’s their first time seeing it. It was such an amazing and heart-warming experience to be able to conduct an event for our Earth. Seeing people that are willing to take part of the event and being supportive of Earth Hour is what really matters the most.

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