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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Azienda Batangas supports Earth Hour 2022

Earth Hour: Dine Under the Stars and Movie Date

Ever since the invention of light bulb more than a hundred years ago, majority of earth have been living the life with lights on. The endless consummation of light energy has been blinding, and in real-life, has been seriously affecting the environment. This is why globally, we celebrate an hour of darkness dedicated to protect the nature and lessen the earth’s exhaustion from too much light consumption. On the 26th of March this year, Camella Azienda Batangas, together with the staffs, support the celebration of Earth Hour, with various activities with all the lights off, only under the stars. The activities included roasting marshmallows through a bonfire, acoustic jamming sessions, movie date, and the burning “Camella 60+” made of steel bars. Most thrilling were the lights off horror stories from every participant. It was a meaningful sixty minutes devoted for the environment, and still where everyone enjoyed the company of one another. Everyone was overwhelmed by the experience, and for some people, it was a great feeling where they united to protect the Earth. This can be shared to our fellow citizens that could also inspire them to help Mother Earth restore itself.

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