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camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Gran Europa supports Earth Hour 2022

Last Saturday March 26, 2022 is the annual worldwide Earth Hour event. Camella supports it to unite people to take action on environmental issues and to protect the planet. Camella CDO staffs prepared and helped one another to achieve the main sole purpose of this event. But before we turned off the lights and powers. We are stationed at the Gazebo inside the football field at the big rotunda. The place as absolute beauty; there were bright lights, tents that are used for relaxation and a bonfire ready for a place to chill and reconnect with our planet. At 6:30 PM there was Zumba that is open to all homeowners and ended at 7:30 PM. There were foods and juice that are free to take. After the Zumba there was a Movie Night for the kids to watch and kids at heart to enjoy. At approximately 8:30 we turned off the lights; set ablaze the bonfire. At that moments the staffs enjoys the good talk, bonding and cooking of marshmallows. An hour of reconnecting. Because the intent behind the Earth Hour is not just about turning off the lights for an hour; it is to remind us of our responsibilities towards the environment.

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