Camella Lipa & Camella Malvar


camella supports earth hour 2022

Camella Lipa & Camella Malvar supports Earth Hour 2022

Last March 26, 2022, as part of the worldwide movement for Earth Hour, Camella Communities in Lipa City and Malvar such as Camella Lipa, Camella Malvar, Plantacion Meridienne and Camella Manors Lipa, joined this activity to help save energy in earth. Starting from morning up to evening, events are all lined up. All the staffs, sellers and homeowners joined forces to come up with a successful event.

The morning event, Tree Planting, which happened in Camella Lipa, was attended by staffs and sellers. A tree that represents the nature has a big part on earth, as each tree was planted in their own space, we wanted to witness this little pine tree to grow as tall and big as it can which also represents all the growing achievements each attendee can have in the future. Each tree has a tag with the name of who planted it, for each attendee to remember in the near future which pine tree they planted and monitor its growth.

The highlight of Camella Lipa and Camella Malvar’s Earth Hour Movement is the Lighting of 60+ which represents the time (Hour) together with the Acoustic Band that made the night brighter and warmer held in Camella Lipa Showcase Area. The set up for this main event is Bohemian style to feel the vibe of glamping with bonfire infront to boost the mood.

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