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Earth Hour 2022: Why it Matters and Why join?

Why does Earth Hour 2022 matter? Here are the reasons and ways you could join this year’s event and make a greater impact to create a sustainable future that will last for decades.

One Camella Earth Hour 2022

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, Camella communities from all over the Philippines joined this year’s Earth Hour. At exactly 8:30 PM, Camella neighborhoods switched off lights in common areas within each subdivision. In addition, we also encouraged homeowners to do the same with their households.

As part of the celebration and encouraging more people to join, our projects hosted activities involving homeowners, employees, and other stakeholders. 

Aside from the simultaneous lights off event, Camella communities welcomed attendees with Zumba parties, tree-planting activities, hand and face painting, and a fun run during the day. Counting down to the lights off, attendees also enjoyed the face and hand painting activities, the serenading live bands, and a movie night under the stars.

Our participation in Earth Hour 2022 is only one of Camella’s efforts to create and maintain safer and more sustainable homes for Filipino families. As a provider of homes for nearly 500,000 families, Camella recognizes the importance of this year’s Earth Hour and its impact on the future of our biodiversity in the coming decades. This is our answer to the call, and we are making a stand for our only home, the Earth.

Below, we share how each of our communities celebrated Earth Hour!

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