Overseas Guide: Why Buy an OFW House For Sale in the Philippines?

Are you looking for a home for your family from overseas? Check out Camella’s guide for buying an OFW house for sale in the Philippines.

One of the traits that make Filipinos distinct among others is their strong and close family ties. They put their family first before anything else and place high regard on their parents and elders.

That is why Filipinos work hard and do everything they can to provide for the family. And when life gets tough, they look for greener pastures, even when it’s far from home. Because of the many available opportunities outside the country, more and more people have become Overseas Filipino Workers.  

Camella Grande Series Greta and Freya with carport and balcony
Camella’s Freya and Greta | OFW house for sale in the Philippines

What challenges do OFWs face abroad?

A considerable part of an OFW’s life is spent away from home. They are earning money to give their family a good life and secure their future. They miss celebrating holidays and birthdays at home, unable to witness the significant milestones, nor experience the important events with the family for being far away. Working abroad is definitely challenging. There, they have to adapt, brave through the loneliness, and face the risks of their job. 

Land-based OFWs have to adjust to different cultures and attitudes. Sea-based OFWs have to deal with changes in their environment and working conditions. In these moments, we realize that the love for family prevails as OFWs have become the country’s modern-day heroes. And appropriately so for their sacrifices and contribution to the economy.  

A couple on Camella Freya’s balcony. 
A couple on Camella Freya’s balcony. 

Why OFWs need to invest in a house for sale in the Philippines?

After all the hard work, it is time for OFWs to enjoy the fruits of their labor. One way to do this is by investing in a house for sale in the Philippines. Having the means to provide for the family’s needs is not forever. That said, you must plan ahead to ensure that none of that goes to waste.

The best way to do that is to make all that hard-earned money work for you. You’ve probably tried investing in stocks, mutual funds, insurance plans, or even studied cryptocurrency. It’s time to look for a long-term investment with low risk and high returns. The best one of them is real estate.

Buying a house, condominium, or bare land is buying an asset. They are forms of investment that earn from value appreciation. That said, real estate is a great investment option for OFWs.

Why should OFWs invest in Philippine properties?

To add to these, here are six reasons why you should start investing in Philippine real estate.

Camella's house for sale in the Philippines
Camella’s house for sale in the Philippines

Buying a house is a fulfillment of a dream.

Ask any Filipino out there what their ultimate ‘tangible’ dream is. They will probably respond with either a car or a house. Yes, a car may be practical. But it becomes more of an expense than an investment in the long run.

On the other hand, some people are lucky to inherit property from their parents. Others have relatives kind enough to welcome them into their homes. But for the remaining ones, they have to start from scratch. It’s not wrong to dream. Everyone has the freedom to do so. For OFWs, that has been their motivation to explore better opportunities abroad.

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Home Investment | House and Lot for OFW
OFWs can now buy properties from abroad

According to a 2019 survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority, 64.1% of Filipinos own a house and lot. The rest of the population either live in a rental or settle a property without the owner’s consent. While there’s nothing wrong with living in a rental, it will only be beneficial as a temporary home.

Still, such a setup is not sustainable for the long term, especially with big families. Instead of paying rent, why not put all that money into a house? Housing developers like Camella, for instance, have several house models tailored to all types of families’ practical needs.  

Inside Camella's OFW house for sale in the Philippines
Inside Camella’s OFW house for sale in the Philippines

It’s not just a dream but a necessity. 

Ever since the pandemic started, we have realized the importance of having a roof above our heads. We had to abide by the quarantine restrictions to avoid getting the virus, so everything came to a halt. Schools had gone online. Even some jobs had to be done remotely. The problem is not everyone had space for those at home.

As an OFW, you may have had a different pandemic experience than your family in the Philippines. But one thing is for sure, the lockdowns kept us in our homes. In addition, there’s still uncertainty as to when we’ll fully go back to normal.  

The best gift you’ll give to yourself and your family is the gift of space. That is because living in a community and home with ample space is a new essential. As daunting as it may seem, buying a house and lot for sale amid a global pandemic has its many benefits.

Because loans are at an all-time low, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas had lowered their interest rates last year, and it will remain unchanged for the rest of this year. Apart from that, developers like Camella offer communities open spaces for parks and playgrounds that homeowners can enjoy while keeping socially distanced. So until everyone is vaccinated, staying at home will still be the norm. 

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Greta living room and dining area
Discover more space in Camella

It’s not just an asset, but an investment too.

As more people become financially literate, you have probably explored different investment opportunities like stocks, mutual funds, and cryptocurrency. People tend to overlook real estate investing. Most of them have preconceived notions that you must have absurd money to buy a property. But that is not entirely true. Paying cash on the spot is not the only way to buy a property.

There are many financing options available for all home buyers regardless of occupation. OFWs can take this opportunity to leverage and buy a home. Leveraging is when you borrow capital to purchase the house you want.  This way, you can even rent out your home and earn from it while paying.

Inside Camella's OFW house for sale in the Philippines
Inside Camella’s OFW house for sale in the Philippines

This is an excellent option for OFWs who still have other financial obligations, such as a car loan or their children’s education. In this case, you can  buy the house at its current market price. Plus, it is an investment that is not affected by inflation rates once you’ve acquired the property for sale.

It’s a more accessible alternative for those who always wanted to start investing in a house. All you need to do is look for a bank you trust and see if their offer is right for your needs. Sometimes you need a little help to achieve that goal. And lucky you because Camella has several partner banks to make your dream home a reality. 

Three Words: Property Value Appreciation.

Out of all of the investments available in the market, real estate has a strong trend of appreciation. Property value appreciation is the increase in the value of a property driven by demand and inflation over a while. Land is a scarce resource. That said, owning a property, especially in high-value and strategic areas, will surely yield a continuous increase in its value. 

Demand is a factor because available land is limited, especially in locations with high traffic and population. For instance, the quantity of land or housing is low. But despite this, many people need housing in a particular area. In this case, the property value goes up. That is why location is the number one factor real estate investors consider before buying a house and lot in the Philippines.  

Find the most suitable property for you and your family’s needs:

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Philippines – Mid-Rise Condos for Sale | Camella Manors
Philippines – Condos for Sale | Camella Manors

You need to buy a home in a place that is accessible. There is an additional plus point if it is near establishments for your necessities and lifestyle. Another part of property value appreciation is inflation, derived from the rise in ordinary goods and services. As inflation increases, so do the cost of building your own house will increase.  

Like they always say: do not wait to buy real estate, buy real estate, and wait. If you wait to buy a property, its value will only likely increase. If you buy a property now, the price upon purchase will be the amount you pay. That is regardless of demand or inflation as you move forward. Still, the increase in its value will immediately be reflected.

As a developer that has the widest geographic reach in the country, Camella has a community in prime and high-demand locations, making the value of your investment worth it. 

OFW house for sale | Condo for sale in the Philippines from Camella Manors
OFW house for sale | Condo for sale in the Philippines from Camella Manors

It is an opportunity to earn passive income. 

If you are an OFW who wants to earn cash through real estate, you might want to consider buying a house and lot for sale to earn passive income. This is achievable by turning your home into a rental property. Since you’re not usually in the Philippines, let your house become profitable. You can have them leased for the long term or rented for a short period. 


One of the significant advantages of living in the Philippines is the abundance of tourist spots all over the country. Tourists traveling is a great contributor to rental income. That is with the high demand for AirBnBs and vacation houses, of course, back when things were normal.

And when things do go back to normal, having a property near these high-traffic locations will be beneficial. That’s why having a home in strategic locations, just like Camella’s condo for sale near tourist destinations, can be a significant factor in how much you can earn through short-term rentals. 


Ever since the pandemic started, more and more people have moved to the different provinces in the Philippines. Their reason? Living in the province gives them more freedom and space. This is an excellent opportunity to let your house and lot earn profit. You can have your property up for long-term lease or rentals that will give you a steady flow of income.

Demand is relatively high, too, since families would rather go for a lower cost of living. Also, add the  rise of digital nomads that just wants a new environment amid the quarantine restrictions. Investing in a Camella home will benefit you and the potential lessors or tenants of your property. 

OFW house for sale in the Philippines
OFW house for sale in the Philippines

And finally, have a home you can call your own. 

OFWs that have worked abroad for a while now also deserve to have a place they can come home to and a place that they own. Buying a house is the culmination of all the sacrifices you’ve made through the years as an OFW. It can be a gift to your parents, a place where you can grow your own family, or a home to retire in. Not only do you own the property, but you also have the opportunity to pass it on to your children.  

After living in another country for many years, wouldn’t it be great to come back to a pleasant and spacious house in the motherland? It is a lifelong asset that will give you and your family peace of mind knowing that you have a safe and peaceful dwelling place. 

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Mid-rise Condominium in Batangas | Camella Manors Lipa
Mid-rise condo for sale in the Philippines | Camella Manors Lipa

In most countries, when a child turns 18, they move out of the house and live a life of independence away from their family. But here in the Philippines? That’s rare, if not impossible. Filipino parents would gladly let their children stay even when they already have a family of their own. This is why so many households all over the country have extended families and relatives living under the same roof.  

It’s part of the Filipino culture that fosters an excellent relationship among members of the family. Buying a property of your own has its many advantages. But at the end of the day, it’s you and your family’s needs that matter.

Just remember to choose a house with ample space for everyone. Or you can settle in a condo located in a pine community with fresh spaces and accessible lifestyle options.

OFW house for sale in the Philippines | Camella Homes
OFW house for sale in the Philippines | Camella Homes

As real estate developer for 45 years, Camella has expertly crafted homes that fit the needs of every Filipino family. For young professionals and newlyweds, the developer offers have two to three-bedroom units fit for your lifestyle. 

Camella also offers four to five-bedroom units for big families and retirees. Available all over the country, there’s a Camella community in the city or province you dream of settling down. Whatever your needs are, Camella has a home that’s right for you.

Stay updated with the latest offers and properties for sale or take a virtual tour of its house and lot offerings. 

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