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Preparing for the rainy season in the Philippines

Rainy Season in the Philippines: How to Prepare Your Home and Health

What to expect and what to prepare now that the rainy season in the Philippines has officially started? Lately, thunderstorms and heavy rains are constant occurrences every day. You may find yourself sweating while doing your morning chores and pulling out an umbrella in the afternoon. But it is still May, and it is supposed to be the beach season still, you might think. However, only halfway...

Factors and Drivers of Philippine Inflation

What are the Drivers of Philippine Inflation?

Our headline inflation has recently gone up to its three-year high, but what are the drivers of Philippine inflation, and how are they managed? What is the latest trend in Philippine inflation? This May, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recorded the country’s highest inflation thus far at 4.9% for April . Compared to last year, this is 0.8% higher than the 4.1% inflation from April...

CALABARZON as PH Industrial Powerhouse Photo from PortCalls Asia

CALABARZON as Philippines’ Industrial Powerhouse: Positive Impacts on your Real Estate

CALABARZON as PH Industrial Powerhouse Photo from PortCalls Asia According to architect Jun Palafox, the residents of Region IV-A (CALABARZON region) will grow from 16 to 37 million in 2050 last April 28, 2022, at the 2022 CALABARZON Business Conference. CALABARZON is truly a powerhouse in industry and manufacturing in the Philippines.  The industry present in CALABARZON does not only benefit...

National Endangered Species Day

National Endangered Species Day: List of Rare Animals Endemic to the Philippines

Are you an animal lover who is planning to celebrate the upcoming National Endangered Species Day on May 20, 2022? Or are you a conservationist who is looking for sanctuaries where you can find the rarest yet endemic species near your newly purchased house and lot? If that's the case, reading this article will help you get to know more about their unique characteristics as well as the reasons why they are...

Inflation and Investment Management

A Quick Guide to Managing Investments With Rising Inflation

Managing investments with rising inflation is a tedious job. But with proper knowledge and management, you can leverage inflation for profit. Last April 5, 2022, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that the country's inflation reached 4.0% last March. This is a 1.0% increase from the recorded 3.0% in February. And this May, the headline inflation further recorded last April...

Celebrate Mother's day 2022

Best Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022

In less than a week, we’ll be paying tribute to the most wonderful women in our lives—our moms! This coming Mother’s Day, make your mom or mother figure feel extra special by showering her with lots of love and thoughtful gifts. There’s the classic bouquet of flowers, greeting cards, and pieces of jewelry, but you can also pick something personalized based on her hobby or style. If she’s...

Sim Card Registration Act Vetoed by President Rodrigo Duterte

SIM Card Registration Act Veto: Will You Lose your Privacy?

On April, President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed Senate Bill no. 2395 and House Bill no. 5793, which requires mobile phone users to register their SIM cards. According to presidential spokesperson Martin Andanar, President Duterte does not approve of including the registration of social media accounts in the measure.  SIM Card Registration Act  Sim Card Registration Act Vetoed by President...

Santacruzan during Flores de Mayo

Getting to Know Flores de Mayo: How and Why It Is Celebrated in the Philippines

The month of May has now begun. An exceptional month when the fragrance of assorted flowers floats into the air. The time when everyone remembers its name because of its connection to the Virgin Mary and the blooming flowers. A perfect moment when the land teems with bountiful blooms under the delicate blue sky. It is also when everyone wants to plan their summer vacation and dive right into a cold pool...

Casting a Vote this Pandemic Photo from Getty Images

Philippine Elections 2022: COVID-19 Voting Guidelines You Should Know

PH 2022 Election Guidelines this Pandemic Surely, you can already feel the vibe of the upcoming elections this May. There is no way that you are not seeing posters, commercials, and online video advertisements from different politicians running for office. There is also a possibility that you haven’t seen your Facebook friends arguing over their preferred presidential candidate.  You probably are...

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