Why Bigger is Better: Advantages of Owning a Big House in Times of Lockdown

By: Phoebe Ann Alba

In this time of pandemic, all households are urged to take necessary precautions to keep the virus from spreading. Evidently, the easiest and one of most effective ways to help is to stay home. 

Staying at home has not been easy for most of us since it forced us to make adjustments to our daily routines. However, this situation also revealed to us the value of living in a comfortable and spacious house.

Here, we have listed the following benefits of living in a big house during lockdown.

1.  Proper Social Distancing / Quarantine Measures

The virus responsible for the current pandemic, the coronavirus, has been proven to be airborne for a short period of time, which gives it more avenues for transmission. One way to slow the spread of viruses such as this one is social distancing, which is essentially physical distancing. The more space between you and the next person, the less probability there is for the virus to spread. Hence, big or spacious homes are more conducive for proper social distancing. 

If you have family members who are susceptible to the virus and you came in close contact with suspected COVID carriers, here are a few steps for effective social distancing inside the house:

  • Keep visitors at a minimum
  • Regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, kitchen benches, and handrails
  • Increase ventilation at home by opening windows or adjusting airconditioning

While big houses are good for social distancing, it is also beneficial to self-quarantine. The bigger the house is, the more rooms you can have which means you can provide a certain room for the family member who has to undergo self-isolation as a safety precaution.

2. Better Working / Studying Environment

Since the majority of the organizations and schools have implemented the work-from-home scheme, having a space at home where you can work or study comfortably and ergonomically is very important.

 Here are some of the advantages of having your own working area:

  • Increase of productivity 
  • Place Flexibility 
  • Less distractions
  • Quiet environment conducive for online meetings 

Being confined in a small space during this time of crisis can  be more difficult and more stressful, whereas owning a large house that enables you to have excellent working or studying conditions can prove beneficial. Generally, separating your working area from your relaxation area can increase your productivity, and you can only make this delineation if you have enough space inside your home to work on.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Working from home could take up a lot of your time but fitness should also be a priority. Having a big house where you can exercise freely is a great advantage. Exercise offers a lot of benefits that make them worth integrating as a part of your weekly routine.

Some of the benefits of exercise are the following:

  • Reduces stress and helps you sleep soundly
  • Helps boost your immune system
  • Minimizes risks of having diseases
  • Increases stamina and strengthens core muscles
  • Improves self-esteem

Also remember that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only consist of regular exercise but a proper diet as well. Preparing a balanced diet for your family in this time of quarantine is as equally important as taking basic precautions like wearing masks and disinfecting your stuff.

4. More Activities To Explore

 Living in a huge house can give you a lot of ideas on what activities to venture on. Aside from saving yourself from boredom, you also enable yourself to learn new things and be productive in your free time.

These are the activities you can try when you have a spacious house:

  • Growing plants or vegetables at your backyard
  • Making an art project
  • Watching documentaries or movies on you mini theater
  • Participating in viral online trends
  • Baking favorite recipes in your large kitchen

These are just some of the things that will make you realize that having a big house may not just be luxury but also a necessity, especially during times when space makes a difference. Get the space you deserve and invest in Camella. Here, you can keep your family safe within the comfort of your dream house. You may reach us by dialing (02) 3226 3552, 0945 527 9867 or 0926 915 9138. You may also explore more of Camella by visiting our website, www.camella.com.ph.

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