How to Properly Move Out of Your Parents’ House

In the Philippines, we have a culture of staying in our parents’ residence for as long as we want. However, most Gen Z and millennials today want to move out and have a home of their own. This is understandable because sometimes, you need to get out of the environment that you grew up in to know more about yourself and what you’re made of. 

How to Properly Move out of Your Parents' Home
How to Properly Move out of Your Parents’ Home

Unfortunately, this is not the case for some of the young adults out there. They are moving because they want to avoid toxic environment and this reason is completely valid. If you are a young adult who is planning to move out of your home, you cannot just pack your things and look for the nearest house and lot in the Philippines. 

Moving takes a lot of processes and before you get the keys to your new house or condominium, you have to consider these things first. 

Tell your Parents you’re Moving Out 

Your parents would surely be sad about your decision to move out, so you better tell them about this decision. They might disapprove of this decision and convince you to stay with them. After all, they were the ones who took care of you all these years. However, you should tell them that this is the best decision for you. You should also tell them the new place you’re going to live in.

For some people, this conversation will surely be difficult but after a while, they will realize that this will be a new adventure for them. They might even help you in looking for your new place. You should also remember that your parents are trying to question you not to invalidate you but to make you realize if you’re doing the right decision. 

Have Necessary Government IDs 

Once you have convinced your parents that you are moving out of their home, you should get government IDs to make your life easier. Some people get government IDs first before telling their parents that they will live in another place, but you do whatever works for you. If you do not have any valid IDs yet, the easiest one to get is a Philippine Postal ID from the Philippine Post Office. 

All you need is a copy of your birth certificate when getting your Postal ID, so you should go immediately to your nearest post office. You probably know the paradox here in the Philippines where you can’t get your first government-issued valid ID because you have no valid ID. Having a postal ID solves this problem instantaneously. 

Adulting is hard, but not so much if you have a guide like this one:

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Start Saving Money for a Down Payment 

If you are planning to purchase a house and lot or rent, you will need to pay for its down payment before even stepping foot on that new place of yours. Asking down payment money from your parents is easier, but you should not rely on it. If you can’t save for a down payment, you should question yourself if you can pay monthly expenses on your own. 

The best way to save for a down payment is to cut expenses first for a few months and grind for that money. If you need to sacrifice your Netflix membership, eat at fast-food restaurants, and shop online, so be it. Moving to a location near your work is essential too to cut back expenses on travel, and we will talk about that up next. 

Move to a Strategic Location 

If you are going to move out, make sure that your new place of residence is somewhere near your work. This cuts your traveling expenses and provides you a stress-free office work. Another thing to consider when moving out is the location of your house and lot to various establishments and major expressways. 

For example, Camella ensures that your house is high-quality, secure, and close to malls, hospitals, and expressways to provide you with an excellent way of living. The houses available here are also great for people who wish to move out of their parent’s place and invest in a property of their own. 

Determine your Budget 

Your work and monthly expenses should also be considered if you are going to find a new place to live in. Before moving out, determine your salary then compute the estimated bills and expenses that you would have in your new home. Rent mostly takes the lion’s share in expenses so you should move into a house where you can pay the rent. 

The best place to live in is a property where you can either pay as little as possible or rent to own one. The price of rent should be considered, but so is your safety and way of living. Your new place should be clean, safe from crime, and is made from materials of high quality. The good news is that Camella checks these boxes as well. 

Benefits of Moving out of your Parents’ Home 

Moving Out of Your Parents House
Moving Out of Your Parents House

While moving seems scary and sad at the same time, it has its benefits as well. For instance, having your place teaches you independence and financing. You have no safety net which means that your actions will be more careful towards these fields. But at the same time, living alone means that you can do anything as well because there are no rules followed. 

Living on your own also boosts your self-esteem because you now know what you’re capable of. Once you get the hang of adult life, you surely would get used to it. Moving out also gets you to more private life. There will be no one meddling your things and you can have more people over your new place. 

Appreciate your parents 

Yes, you are already on the first step of being your person but you should never forget the people who got you there. As much as possible, call your parents and update them with what’s going on with your life. If you can invite them for dinner in your new house and lot, the better. Adult life is hectic but you should have time for your parents as well. Bond with them as much as you can because you might have a different house, but they are still your home. 

Moving out of a house means moving into a new one. Let this guide help you through it:

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Moving Out of Your Parents House
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