Island Dreams: Top Real Estate Properties Near Tourist Destinations in the Philippines

Discovering the Philippines from one tourist destination to another

The Beauty of Travelling

From conquering great heights during treks to breaking big waves, traveling is the easiest way to get away from daily stress as well as to break out from our repetitive routines.

Imagine the relief and accomplishment that hits you when you reach the mountain peak, the familiar feeling of the sand under your feet; imagine waking up and being kissed by the sun shining through the window of your beachfront cabin.

It’s relaxing, doesn’t it? Just thinking about going on a trip is exciting enough to make us feel jittery about building an itinerary, searching for places to eat, checking out fashion inspirations, and ultimately, picturing ourselves surrounded by the unfamiliar.

Traveling is so beneficial, especially to our mental health, because it exposes us to new things, even the ones we never thought we’d experience. Who would have thought that you’d be having fun going canyoneering? or who would have thought that you get to keep sweet memories from island hopping despite being scared of the sea?

Aside from this, traveling is an excellent opportunity to learn, meet people, make memories, and discover yourself.

Discovering the Philippines from One Tourist Destination to Another

The Philippines is an archipelago comprising 7,641 islands graced with top tourist destinations, beautiful attractions, each breathing out a unique presence to the country’s land, from grandeur peaks to white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

In the tourism sector of the Philippines, it is known to have some of the most magnificent wonders, a heavenly tourist destination for many, and an awe-inspiring place to settle in for some.

Aside from the Philippines’ booming tourism industry that contributes to the country’s national economy, the archipelago is home to various flora and fauna, bringing vibrant colors and life to the country’s verdant forests and magical beaches.

Philippines: A Top Tropical Destination and More

However, there is more to the Philippines than just being a top tropical destination. Beyond its natural beauty lies its vibrant culture and noble history, a land of great possibilities and adventures awaiting those who choose to dive deeper into knowing the Pearl of the Orient.

Needless to say, it would be great to settle in a place close to the country’s most popular tourist attractions — a fact that the real estate market is aware of. If you wish to embody the suburban and island lifestyle, the Philippines is the country to be in.

Yet, the most authentic charm of the Philippines lies in its people. Filipinos are renowned for their warmth and hospitality.

The Filipino people are widely why foreign investors choose to settle in the Philippines. Apart from the country’s natural wonders, its people elevate the Philippines’ charm, capturing tourists’ hearts.

Investing in the Philippines equates to immersing yourself in a world of diversity, beauty, and culture. Each island, each city, and each province has a unique story to tell.

7000 Reasons and More

More than a destination, the country’s over 7000 island offers various opportunities for growth through its real estate hotspots, relaxation, and local and foreign investment. Hence, this article lists the best real estate investment near the Philippines’ favorite tourist destination.

Tourist Spots and Master-planned Communities Near the Philippines’ Significant Cities

A real estate investor should be familiar with the benefits of having a property in highly urbanized cities, such as central business districts and locations close to natural resources and tourist attractions.

Real estate owners and real estate developers in these areas can take advantage of their property’s rapidly increasing real estate value. They can even turn their homes into listings accommodating local and foreign visitors traveling to the area for vacation or business trip.

It is time to save up and be financially ready. Here is a selection of the top local tourist sites where you can get real estate property and be close to famous tourist spots. 

KiudKad in Siruma, Camarines Sur 

Image taken from KiudKad - the last resort Official Facebook page
Image taken from KiudKad – the last resort Official Facebook page

Where Peace, Tranquility, and Adventure Meld

Situated at the Municipality of Siruma, Camarines Sur is a hideaway overlooking the Pacific Ocean called KiudKad. Don’t be fooled by its rather confusing name; this paradise is where peace, tranquility, and adventure settle.

Those who love feeling the rush and are open to many adventures should pack their bags and head straight to Kiudkad. Every day, an exciting activity awaits! You have the option to trek, dive, or chill all throughout the day. 

KiudKad is a two-hour drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is the perfect venue if you want to leave all the stress out and want to enjoy a quiet stay. 

Settle close to this slice of heaven, and find the properties of your choice in Camella’s house and lot properties in Camarines Sur

Kabsat in San Juan, La Union

Image taken from Kabsat La Union Official Facebook page

Home away from Home

If you are down for some seaside viewing by the beach accessible from Metro Manila, Kabsat in San Juan, La Union is the place to be. From the name itself, Kabsat, which means sibling in Ilocano, is how the owners want their customers to feel and be treated.

An epitome of home away from home. Apart from the view, this place has a carefree vibe that offers good food and drinks for everybody.

Whether an entire family or group of friends wants to spend the rest of the day relaxing and unwinding—there is something for you here. 

If you want a house and lot for sale, find properties in Camella’s master-planned community near La Union.

The Masungi Georeserve in Rizal

Image taken from Masungi Georeserve Official Facebook page

A Quick Escape from the City

For brave souls and nature lovers, a trek at the Masungi Georeserve in Rizal is a must-try. Suppose you want a quick escape from the city.

In that case, this conservation area is a three to four-hour trek that allows you to witness beautiful rock formations, lush rainforests, and several caves.

Another attraction in the area is their ‘sapot,‘made of a metallic platform with wooden steps resembling a cobweb. For homes in gated communities in Rizal, Check out Camella’s house and lot offerings in the area.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan

Image taken from Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Official Facebook page

Travel Back in Time

Travel back in time and refresh your eyes and memories with the country’s rich culture in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. Las Casas is 400 hectares of land that became a historic resort for heritage houses and other Spanish Colonial Era structures.

You will find the Sanctuario de San Jose, Tulay ni Lola Basyang, and many more famous spots here. These structures are restored by Jose Acuzar, the owner of New San Jose Builders, Inc., who had a grand vision of bringing back the country’s rich culture in the present times. 

Stay close to this sophisticated destination by investing in real estate in Bataan. Check out Camella’s house and lot for sale in Bataan.

Simala Shrine in Cebu

Image taken by Patrickroque01 from

A Place to Meditate and Reflect

Known as one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines, the Simala Shrine in Cebu is a pilgrimage for its devotees, locals, and tourists.

Stories say that when the Virgin Mary statue was brought to the shrine, it cried blood during her birthday, making the place even more famous for devotees.

If you are the type of person who prefers to meditate and reflect during vacation, this is the perfect place to do it. Alongside its miraculous stories, the Simala Shrine is famous for its castle-like architecture, dazzling chandeliers, and fascinating paintings. 

Aside from this, Cebu is one of the country’s first-class, highly urbanized cities, boasting a seamless combination of robust infrastructure projects, lively city living, and bountiful nature.

Stay close to this tourist spot and the rest of Cebu City, and check out  Camella’s house and lot for sale in Cebu.
Likewise, for those who wish to settle in Mindanao, Davao City is the place to be! Live close to the highest mountain peak of the Philippines, Mt. Apo, and witness the lively Crown Jewel of Mindanao; check out:House and lot for Sale in Davao and condo units offering.

Cloud 9 in Siargao Island

Image taken by Jonny Melon from

Surf’s up in Siargao

Surf’s up! Catch some waves at Cloud 9 in Siargao. Whether you are a first-timer or a pro, the waves will surely rush your adrenaline. Being the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao is home to the best waves and has been attracting surfers worldwide.

After riding the waves, you can end the day by enjoying the beautiful sunset at the Cloud 9 boardwalk—a long wooden path walk that connects the beach and the viewing platform.

Hinatuan Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur 

Image taken from Enchanted River Hinatuan Official Facebook page

Protected by Fairies

Talk about enchanting; this river in Surigao del Sur will be your top pick. The Hinatuan Enchanted River is famous for its crystal clear blue saltwater flowing into the Pacific. 

This 80ft deep river is believed to be protected by fairies who added jade and sapphire colors, resulting in its majestic shade. You may also opt to admire the beauty of the different fishes while swimming in the river. 

Stay closer to Surigao with these house and lot properties in Butuan.

Crosswinds in Tagaytay

Image taken by Dea Mariano from

Experience Switzerland in Tagaytay

Tired of the warm and humid climate in the Philippines? Check out Crosswinds Resorts. This 100-hectare Swiss-inspired residential resort in Tagaytay is just the perfect escape from the summer heat. Crosswinds is a leisure community just a few hours away from the busy streets of Manila.  

Enjoy the crisp scent of 20,000 pine trees, savor the cool climate, and be awed by the breathtaking view of Taal Volcano. But wait, there is more to this residential resort than its luxury homes.

They also have the most Instagrammable coffee shop built out of ruins, The Ruined Project. This 50th store opened by Coffee Project is far more different than their other locations because of its unique theme.

Indeed, there is beauty in something ruined.

Stay close to these spots with Camella’s house and lot offerings near Tagaytay, as well as condominium units.

Camella Terrazas Community | House and Lot for Sale in Cavite

Feels Good to be Home. In Camella.

There are many benefits to traveling that no other activity can replace. Besides discovering beautiful sceneries, traveling improves your health and helps you understand other cultures. Additionally, it lets you create new memories with your loved ones.

Most importantly, traveling makes you love your home even more. As the saying goes, “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” 

Home is the best place to be safe and secure, especially in these trying times. Having a home is the best decision one can make. It is something that one can be proud of.

Invest in a house and lot close to these beautiful destinations and live like every day is a vacation.

Find the beauty of living near these beautiful destinations at Camella, the country’s most trusted master-planned real estate developer. For more details, check out its available property offerings. Check out their real estate websites or social media sites.

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