Siraw, Cebu

Best Vacation Spots in Cebu to Treat Your Moms

Mothers deserve to receive the same love they give. That being taken into account, it is best to take her on a vacation trip or take her around the best neighborhoods in Cebu rather than passively giving her material gifts. The province of Cebu should be your top choice when looking for the best leisure and food destinations in the Philippines because every bit of it is worth visiting. History,...

The best of Dumaguete City in culture and history Photo by Mike Gonzales

The Best of Dumaguete City to Explore and Discover

Are you looking for a relaxing local to visit or retire in? Learn about the best of Dumaguete City and why this is just the place for you! The best of Dumaguete City / Photo from Dumaguete Info Attractions Located in the heart of the province of Negros Oriental is Dumaguete City, famously known as the City of Gentle People. This place is gradually gaining attention, not just from its local...

Architectural churches in Iloilo - Molo Church

Must-See Architectural Churches in Iloilo

Want to know Iloilo better? Check out these architectural churches in Iloilo and their significance in local history and culture. Iloilo is a land rich in history. Any tourist would notice this immediately as they step foot in the city or even the farthest town in the province. Dialects and tones may vary as you move from the city to the municipalities. But the influence of history on the local...

The Promised Land of Leyte | Photo from Paradise Beauty

Relaxing Spots in Leyte to Try this Summer

Who could ever deny that our moms are the best people in the world? Well, no one could because from the moment our hearts beat, until we first see the world, up to the moment we grow up and make decisions on our own, our moms love us unconditionally, love without limit and without asking for anything in return. They are with us since day one, and since then, our moms are sacrificing a lot already. The...

Kadayawan Festival - Davao City

Immerse into the Culture of Mindanao with these Five Popular Festivals

Don't know much of Mindanao yet? Experience these festivals to get you acquainted to the rich culture and history of Mindanao. Kadayawan Festival - Davao City Pleasure and merriment in the Philippines are endless. The naturally happy Filipinos always find ways to celebrate regardless of the situation – even amidst the pandemic! From birthdays, and tiny victories, to grand village fiestas, people...


Why You Should Consider Investing a Property in Aklan

aklan-provincial-capitol The transition from being a young dreamer to becoming a goal achiever adult is never an easy time in anyone's life. When we were younger, we only thought about the things we wanted to have or the person we wanted to be in the future, not about how life would unfold while attempting to realize our childhood dreams. As we grew older, we became more interested in finding ways to...

Best Destinations in Bogo City, Cebu Photo taken at Captancillo Islet

A Weekend Getaway in Cebu’s Northern Gem: Bogo City

Who deserves a weekend getaway after the long week of waking up every 7:00 o’clock in the morning, driving through the hassle of traffic to get to work on time, working on paperwork, and going home exhausted and drained? You! Considering all of the hard work you have done to achieve your dreams and provide for your family, don’t you think you deserve a break from all of these hustles and...

Family laughing and bonding together with food at their home

10 Best Restaurants in Bohol to Date Your Moms

Treating the most incredible woman in your life can be challenging, especially if you want to give her everything. From the wide range of options you can do, it is more likely you'll get torn about what to choose. Sweet letters, personalized cards, a bouquet, a pair of jewelry, and many new clothes are just some of the most beautiful presents you can give from the long list of recommended gifts....

Activities to Try in Rizal Province Photo from

Activities to Do when Visiting Rizal Province

Activities to Try in Rizal Province Photo from The province of Rizal is located in Southern Luzon. The province is named after the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal. Rizal province has a total land area of 1,191.94 sq. km. and has a total population of 3,330,143, according to the 2020 census. Rizal has 13 municipalities, and its capital is Antipolo.  Antipolo is rich in natural...

Must Visit Places in the Philippines Suggested by Tripadvisor this Summer

Tripadvisor’s Must-visit Philippine Destinations this Summer 2022

Must Visit Places in the Philippines Suggested by Tripadvisor this Summer It’s been two long years since the pandemic spread in our country, lots of things in our lives have changed, and the bad thing about it is that we don’t even have a choice but to follow restrictions because it is for our safety. Our interactions with our friends and loved ones are limited to protecting them and ourselves from...

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