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Rewarding Investments Beyond the Metro

Camella’s Freya in Bataan The opening of a new year means the start of new possibilities. Since 2020 threw most of the population off-kilter, 2021 is all about regaining a sense of control. Now that people have a grasp of the world situation, there is now hope for the future. Now, people can plan ahead again and start managing aspects of their lives, especially finances. This year, people may be even...

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Three Easy Steps to Set Your Goals this 2021

It is a universal fact that 2020 has not been easy for everybody, and the biggest reason is the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic affected millions of people's lives. No matter how the pandemic has impacted everyone's lives—especially career-wise—the plans they have set for themselves at the beginning of 2020 definitely may not have played out like expected. With 2021 opening a new chapter, it offers...

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What We Can Do While Waiting for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine plays an essential role in creating healthy homes and protecting people from various diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. It takes months or even years to develop a vaccine to boost the human immune system to fight against these pathogens, even if the body has not encountered them before. Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash The COVID-19 global pandemic forced pharmaceutical companies to...

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Top Home Services for Your Home

This is the perfect time to declutter, rearrange, and revamp parts of your house and lot. You would want to make space for the new appliances you won from your year-end party raffle or repaint your room with 2021’s color of the year. There are a lot of professional services within Metro Manila that you can avail of to make sure your home is safe for everyone. Availing of these services can be a...

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Lifestyle Upgrade Plan for 2022

Prepare your lifestyle upgrade plan and be ready for next year's opportunities in freedom of space, convenience, safety, and security. The events of the year have forced most of us to stay indoors to follow health protocols. This may have led to realizations and re-evaluation of our spaces within our homes. Suddenly, there are more standards as to what qualifies as a safe living space. Your home in...

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A Guide on Spending Time at Home

We are in the most protracted pause the world has to take for the first time in many centuries. As we continue battling a global enemy that we cannot see, we are now handed with so much time locked inside our homes. While most of us see this as an opportunity for growth, others may see this as a time to slow down. And there is nothing wrong with either take. Photo by Canna Curious Club on...

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OFW House and Lot Tips: Buying Your Dream House In The Philippines

Are you an overseas worker looking for a house and lot? Here's a step-by-step guide in buying your dream OFW house in the Philippines. You have finally found the one—your ideal house and lot investment located in your dream community, but how do you exactly buy it? What should you do first? What comes next? People often get scared or stressed about buying their first house and lot. It may get...

Where to Buy Your Home Online

Where To Buy Your Home Online

With the rest of the Philippines still on strict quarantine measures, it remains safer to stay indoors. We know you have been itching to stretch your legs and tour around the city to look for your family’s next house and lot in the Philippines. Worry not, because here is a list of sites where you can find your desired property listings without leaving your doorstep. Hoppler If you prefer...


Dear Millennial, What Do You Truly Desire?

What do you truly desire? That is probably one of the hard questions a young millennial has ever been asked. Even adults do not have a concrete answer to this question. Technically speaking, the desire we feel is evidence that a person is capable of showing emotions. Oxford Languages defines desire as a strong wish of wanting something to happen. The desire to achieve what your heart wants or the fact...

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