Why You Should Invest in a Home Over a Car First

Parking up the right tree: One of the house offerings of Camella and your possible dream home and car. (Image from camella.com.ph) 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself years from now. You’ve worked as hard as you can to achieve all of your dreams. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and everything you own and everything you cherish is right in front of you, bathed in warm, golden rays of light. What form do your dreams for the future take?  

When we talk about these aspirations, there’s no doubt that two main things come to mind: our dream house and what car is parked in that dream house’s garage (or driveway, if you’re a driveway kind of person). There are definitely a thousand more questions that we could muse over for the entire day. Plus, there are plenty of details to consider about our ideal house and lot and what our dream car would be. 

Wherever your dream house and lot in the Philippines might be and whatever kind your dream vehicle is, you’ll quickly come to the realization that both are significant investments. These are properties that you’re going to have to make in your life. Add to that the fact that houses and cars don’t exactly come cheap. So knowing what your priorities are is a must before making that jump to purchase either of these.  

In order of priorities, it is definitely a good idea to hold off on that car you’ve been eyeing and invest in a house and lot first. If you’re still on the fence as to which you should invest in first, here’s a couple convincing reasons why you should pull the trigger to get your dream home: 

1. You Can’t Park Your House in a Car

Now, this might be a little self-explanatory and, admittedly, a bit of a silly thought but hear this out—you can’t park your house into a car. While the premise of the idea is a little outlandish, the underlying fact behind it is pretty sound. When things really come down to it, there’s no getting around the reality that a house is a more sound investment than a car.  

The walls that make up a house become so much more when you start inhabiting the space. Once you’ve started living in it, making memories, and building your own space. The property begins to transcend the physical and becomes a safe space for you and your family—it becomes a home.  

It will keep you safe from everything, including the elements, no matter how hot the day is or how strong the storm’s winds are. It also becomes a place that you can always come back to, or in other words, it becomes a place where you can park your car every time you go out to explore the big, wide world. While you can’t park your house in a car, you can park your car in your home. 

2. Public Transport is a Great Alternative

Driven without driving: You don’t need a car to stay driven for your goals. Public transportation is always a good option. (Photo by Marfil Graganza Aquino from Pexels.com)

And speaking of exploring that big, wide world, there is always more than one way to get around. Public transportation is an excellent alternative because while a car would definitely be more convenient, commuting is much cheaper. Using a private vehicle means that you’re going to have to worry about paying for the fuel you use every time you make a trip. You also have to worry about paying for the maintenance of your vehicle. These are things like taking it to a car wash and getting the oil changed. Not to mention getting the insides cleaned if you just so happen to spill your morning coffee in a rush (it happens sometimes).  

The price of fuel is also not going down anytime soon. So you can expect that the amount of money you’ll be spending to keep your four wheels on the road will keep increasing as time goes on. It will also get harder and harder to save up money for other things if you have to worry about your own vehicle.  

If you already have a home, you can always opt to use public transportation. Choosing a public vehicle also means that there would be one less vehicle on the road. This, by extension, also means that there would be less pollution coming from cars and fossil fuels. Going green and being kind to the earth that we call our home is never a bad thing.

3. Great Locations Can Always Be Nearby

While public transportation is cheap. But sometimes, squeezing into a jeepney or train filled to its total capacity just isn’t very appealing even if we really need to go somewhere. The good news is that our own two feet can quickly take us where we need to go if we invest in a house and lot placed in a convenient location. Camella selects places near essential establishments such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals, places of worship, and a lot more. With this, all of your necessities are only a stone’s throw away from our doorstep. 

This also means that even if we are in a rush, getting to places that we need to be will always be a piece of cake. Are you in the middle of cooking, and you forgot an ingredient just before starting? No problem, a shopping center is sure to be close by so you can buy that missing ingredient you need for your signature dish. Feeling a little bored? You won’t be in the next couple of moments because you’ll find yourself in a place of leisure in no time.  

Selecting a house and lot in a great location also makes you worry less about needing your own vehicle to get to places. Walking is also a great form of exercise, and a little bit more of that is definitely great for our waistline.

4. You Can Earn Money From Owning Property

More than just saving money from using public transportation or not having to use vehicles from being close to locations that you need, you can actually also earn money from owning property. The good thing about owning houses, especially in great areas, is that the house and lot will just keep gaining value over time. Investing in properties early or purchasing a property currently in pre-selling can also make you more money. This means that you can buy a house and lot cheaper and then resell it for a higher price once the property has gained more value. Another way to add more value to the home is to upgrade or furnish it to be more valuable once you decide to resell it. 

If you invest in more than one home, you can also consider renting out your house and lot or turning your home into a vacation spot for other people. This way, you can earn money from your properties even if you aren’t currently staying in them. By renting out your house and lot, you open opportunities for people to live in their dream community who cannot purchase one at present. 

Having idyllic vacation homes to rent is also a life-long dream for some people, so you’d definitely be doing them favors too. Having some form of business in real estate can actually be good for the soul when you can provide extra help to people in need. 

In comparison, the values of cars usually depreciate over time. In addition, using and reselling them means that you won’t gain as much money back compared to if you resell properties. This would make upgrading to other cars hard and impractical since the vehicle’s value decreases at every sale you make. Investments in house and lot properties, on the other hand, are a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Purchasing Your First Home is Easier Than You Think

Some may find the idea of looking for their first home to be a daunting experience, especially since times are hard. With the effects of the pandemic on the economy, prices of our day-to-day necessities continue to rise. With a little bit of help and research, purchasing your first home is actually easier than you think.  

There are flexible payment schemes and plans so that you will be able to quickly and smartly invest your money so that you can own your very own place to call home. Investing in an automobile would require just about as much research and planning. But it would be best to invest in a house and lot first since it does provide more benefits in the long run. 

6. You Can Safely Invest in a Car

Race to the finish: Freely choose and invest in the car you’re invested in. (Photo from Pexels.com)

A big plus of being secure with already having a place to call home is that you can safely make investments in other things. Say you already have multiple properties: you have the main house for you and your family. You also have an additional property that you are constantly gaining income from aside from the job you already have. It should follow that making investments in pricey things such as a car for you and your family shouldn’t be too difficult. You might even be able to walk into a car dealership and pay in cash (it’s lofty, but hey, dreaming is free).  

Feeling safe and comfortable at home and having a convenient lifestyle is the first step to becoming financially secure. When you are financially secure, you won’t have to worry about cutting corners, and you can just go right ahead and look through a selection of automobiles. Whatever make, brand, size, horsepower, or color of car you want, you will be able to make decisions without having to worry so much about how it will affect your financial stability in the future. You won’t have to worry so much about whether you can purchase a car brand new or second-hand. It will come down to preference. 

As an added bonus, once you have secured your home, you could even match your car. From there, you can decide what sort of garages or driveways you want to have with your house. You won’t have to worry about finding a home with suitable parking spaces or a big enough garage for your dream car. 

Dreams Do Not Need to Stay as Just Dreams

You no longer have to keep your eyelids shut tightly to get glimpses of your dreams for the future. You can keep your eyes wide open and keep looking straight ahead because your goal of getting a house and lot along with your dream car is attainable. 

Making smart investments in your property and prioritizing it over purchasing an automobile is a great way to get things started. One key point to keep in mind is that you’ll be able to save more money by investing in a property. Especially those in prime locations since you’ll also be able to gain income from it either from reselling or renting it out. Not to mention the convenience of being close to all of the necessary amenities that can help you save on transportation costs. Being safe and secure with a home will finally provide you with enough confidence to make other significant investments. 

That view of a sunbathed afternoon with the things you cherish won’t just be a vision that you have when you’re asleep at night. It could be the sight you see every day as you pull into your driveway or leave for work. If you’re finally convinced and ready to invest in a home of your own, then Camella has a buyer’s guide for you to get you started off. Once you’re sure about what you should do, you can also take a look at Camella’s house and lot catalog to choose the perfect home for you. 

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