Why You Should Make the Switch to Green Living

Climate change has brought on some drastic changes in the way we live. World organizations and leaders continue to strive to find solutions to save our planet. Too much carbon emissions and greenhouse gases contribute to increasing temperatures and rising ocean levels. The pressing issue of climate change has pushed for environmentally responsible actions to take top priority. With these waves came along big corporations taking part in this initiative by implementing sustainable practices and services. 

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What is a ‘Green Lifestyle’?

A green lifestyle basically entails making lifestyle choices that help conserve and protect the environment. It also means making it a habit to practice sustainable habits to lessen the backlash of pollution and global warming. While this might seem like such a daunting problem to face, you can do your part in helping by living a green lifestyle.  

Getting into green living can mean a lot of things. It can mean either of the following: choosing sustainable products and other purchases, reducing your energy consumption, minimizing wasted resources, or residing in sustainably built houses and communities. If you are looking to switch to green living, your home is a great place to start.  

Ensuring safe and healthy homes should be the top priority of every individual looking to start their lives and families. Camella, with over four decades of developing master-planned communities, is a trusted developer when it comes to secure and healthy homes for your loved ones. Recognizing the need to encourage a green lifestyle among Filipinos, Camella is now integrating smart technology to its house and lot developments with Camella SmartHomes. Camella SmartHomes upgrades your regular house and lot into a smart home capable of responding to its users’ needs and commands.

Reasons to Start a Green Lifestyle

Switching to green living is a great way to protect the environment and curb climate change. The purpose of living a green lifestyle is to promote sustainable actions that are ultimately healthy for everyone and for the planet. These actions eventually help in saving water, energy, and other natural resources. Re-purposing food scraps into compost can also help in limiting the amount of waste thrown out and burned. Switching to electric or hybrid cars also reduces carbon emissions. If a community is within walking distance of urban hotspots like malls, parks, and schools, it decreases the need for people to commute to their destinations. Outlined below are some of the most important reasons why you should adopt a green lifestyle.

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Help reduce environmental pollution

One of the greatest advantages of switching to a green lifestyle is its obvious positive impact on our environment. Environmental pollution is a serious problem that even developed countries are still struggling to solve. According to the World Health Organization, 13 million deaths are reported annually and roughly 25% of all diseases worldwide are due to environmental causes that could have been avoided or prevented. These illnesses include asthma, cardiovascular disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  

Reduced carbon emissions can lessen air pollution and the effect of greenhouse gases on our climate. Proper waste disposal can help avoid unnecessary contamination and pollution of your surroundings. Planting more trees provides fresher and cleaner air. Phasing out plastic items and choosing more sustainable storage options lessens plastic waste, which is one of the leading pollutants in the environment.  

Camella’s master-planned communities allot green spaces where evergreen trees and other plants can thrive and provide fresh air and shade to its homeowners. The advantages of investing in a house and lot are extensive: expansive outdoor lot, great interior breathability, flexible floor plan, and convenience. You may opt for a house and lot package with a balcony or porch, or you can pick one with an open space for your herb garden, alfresco, or workout space. Being surrounded by greeneries has also been proven to have a therapeutic effect and contributes to a great atmosphere. Camella townships provide a secluded haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city without sacrificing convenience. 

Green living allows you to make a positive impact on the environment, no matter how small it might be. From using alternative transportation, purchasing sustainable products, and recycling, these simple but effective habits can help curb pollution. After all, a healthier environment means better quality of life for you and your loved ones.  

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Help reduce energy consumption

The use of fossil fuels has been known to exacerbate the effects of climate change. Coal-fired power plants worsen air pollution and natural gas is a limited resource. However, due to advancements in technology, there are better and healthier energy alternatives that are not only environment-friendly but also energy efficient. One way to reduce your energy consumption and cost is by switching to energy-efficient appliances and LED light bulbs. Using LED light bulbs, for instance, drastically reduces your electricity consumption without compromising the lighting in your home. Camella’s SmartHomes is currently paving the way for integrating smart home technology to house and lot developments – the very first in its niche.  

Camella’s smart home technology allows for greater convenience compared to your typical house and lot. With technology, you can control your home’s lighting and air conditioning system with just your mobile phone. If you are planning to invest in upgrades for your SmartHome, there are several gadgets and appliances that you can choose from as well. Camella’s smart home technology integration can accommodate gadgets such as the following: air quality monitors to regulate the quality of air in your home, smart faucets to help regulate your water consumption, and smart blinds for your windows which can be easily accessed via smartphone.  

Camella SmartHome links switches and sockets for various appliances and lighting fixtures into a smart network, giving homeowners easy access and control of their energy consumption. Energy management has never been more straightforward and efficient. 

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Saves money

Contrary to popular belief, adopting a green lifestyle is not expensive at all. On the other hand, it can help you save money through sustainable practices. Through green living, sustainable practices can help you conserve water, electricity, and other natural resources. Switching to energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting fixtures have contributed to less energy consumption than using standard appliances and light bulbs.  

Practicing sustainable ways at home helps in curbing air pollution. Opting for LED light bulbs and electric appliances has helped keep 2.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide from polluting our atmosphere. Using hybrid or electric cars can also lessen the number of carbon emissions in our air. Buying longer-lasting clothing and recycling older ones are simple ways for individuals to practice conscientious and environmentally responsible consumer choices.  

Living in master-planned communities where everything is accessible can potentially erase the need for buying cars. Strategic urban planning is also key in green living. By simply walking to the mall or carpooling to work with others, these simple yet conscious acts can go a long way in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Having the perfect house and lot for you and your family can both save time and money. 

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Promotes a healthier lifestyle

Going green means starting a healthier lifestyle as well. Green living overall promotes healthier habits and decisions. Choosing eco-friendly products and services helps protect our environment. A positive note of this is better food choices.  

Making a conscious choice of buying organic and local food ingredients helps sustain the businesses of local markets. It also supports sustainable farming methods which in turn help preserve our natural resources. Choosing locally and organically grown vegetables is also better since it does not employ the use of pesticides which are poisonous and can lead to several health hazards.  

As much as possible, try to cook from scratch. Avoid buying foods that are pre-packaged since these are wrapped in lots of plastic and paper packaging. Remember that the goal of a green lifestyle is to minimize the waste churned out. Food scraps like fruit peels and discarded vegetable parts can even be used to make a compost pile if you happen to have a garden at home.  

Another alternative is utilizing any vacant outdoor space and turning it into a home garden. Even a beginner in gardening can still grow easy-to-care fruit-bearing plants and vegetables such as tomatoes, lemons, and other herbs. A balcony or porch can be turned into a space dedicated to a mini-herb garden. It depends on the layout of the house and lot, but this is precisely why leading a green lifestyle must start at home.  

If you are looking for a well-designed house and lot that suits the needs of your family, Camella offers a wide variety of options. 

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Positive impact in your community

A green lifestyle can benefit not only one individual but eventually everyone. Starting the journey within your home is already one way to influence others to follow suit. When people see how a green lifestyle can be better in the long run, they will be more eager to get into it as well. It is also a great topic to put a spotlight on, especially with the increasing urgency of climate change and its effects on our environment.  

Take, for instance, neighbors noticing how you have a home garden might take interest and chat you up about it. From there, they might find the appeal of it and start their home gardens as well. Bringing reusable containers for meals at work might pique the interest of the people around you. Eventually, they will be more aware of their choice of lifestyle and make more sustainable actions. It is vital to raise awareness and encourage discussions about the topic of choosing a green lifestyle.  

It is also particularly essential to be in an environment that encourages and nurtures your choice of lifestyle. A suburban area with house and lots would be a pretty good place to start. When looking for a new home, a secured community that ensures comfort and serenity is a must. While the convenience of living near the city is undeniable, the hustle and bustle might be too distracting.  

If you want to nurture a healthy home for your loved ones, owning a house and lot in a secure community would be the best way to go. Camella offers master-planned communities and townships for homeowners to have their own haven free from the busy atmosphere of the city. 

Green Living is the Way to Go

Getting into green living does not happen over a single day. It takes time and discipline to turn sustainable actions into sustainable habits. Switching to eco-friendly products, consciously choosing to make decisions to lessen carbon footprint, opting for energy-efficient appliances, and practicing recycling and proper waste management are some of the things you must commit to. These acts might be simple, but they can deliver actual and gradual results to reduce pollution that is detrimental to our health and this planet. It takes commitment and passion for the preservation of our environment to make a significant change.  

Taking small steps by changing the way you live will eventually reap generous rewards. Therefore Camella, with its extensive experience of delivering prime real estate developments across the country, is committing to the green initiative to cater to all your needs and wants without compromising the environment.  

With sustainability at the forefront of its agenda, Camella pioneers the integration of smart home technology to its house and lot developments with the goal to upgrade your lifestyle sustainably and efficiently. Camella SmartHomes is the latest innovation of the brand’s commitment to providing healthier homes to homeowners getting into green living. This new offering allows your home to be secured, accessible, and energy-efficient with just a single touch on your smartphone. Reduced energy consumption ultimately leads to a reduced carbon footprint and less pollution to the environment. 

Begin your green lifestyle with Camella, where you can have a peaceful and nurturing community suitable for your wants and needs. Visit www.camella.com.ph or go to Camella’s official Facebook page to learn more about its latest offerings. 

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