The Best New Year’s Resolutions to have in 2022

Time really flies so fast and 2021 seemed only like a blink of an eye. And with the next year being a few weeks away, you might want to turn over a new leaf and start to make a change with a dedicated new year’s resolution. Yes, starting to make changes in your life might not be easy, but it does not have to be in an instant. 

New Year Resolution on 2022
New Year’s Resolution on 2022

Wishing for changes is a part of Filipino culture every new year. Many people are always trying to list their new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, most of these new year’s resolutions are like to-do lists for the first week of January. New year’s resolutions are great but starting with little goals and achieving smalls wins is the way to do it. 

How to stay consistent on your new year’s resolutions

The best way to stay consistent in your new year’s resolutions is to set realistic goals and take one step at a time. Many people try to make changes all of a sudden instead of making small changes and adjusting afterward. The problem with this is that this method is nearly impossible to sustain.

Here are some new year’s resolutions you can have for 2022. 

Have more time for yourself 

One of the most consistent things that you can do as a new year’s resolution is something that gets you excited. Having more time for yourself is easy to set and if you are a workaholic, then this is the perfect resolution for you. You can do this easily by setting a date where you can spend time alone with yourself.

You can watch a movie, meditate, or have some time where you can do a hobby of yours. Having more time for yourself can be hard if you have kids, stressful work, or even other things to take care of. However, having this as a new year’s resolution is excellent because it is easy to do and you can stay consistent in doing this. 

Cook something new each week 

Cooking something new every week is a year’s resolution that you should definitely include in your list. This way, you’re not only enjoying good food, but you’re also learning new recipes you can cook for your family. When learning new recipes, you shouldn’t only consider taste, you should also search for nutritious recipes. 

If you can’t learn new recipes each week, you can just try to learn them when you have free time. The point of learning new recipes is to have a better knowledge of cooking. You don’t need to pressure yourself in being a world-class chef. The best recipes to learn are either cuisines from other countries or healthier versions of dishes you already know. 

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Reduce cigarette consumption

If you are a smoker, there is no way that you haven’t considered quitting tobacco usage. Obviously, the reason why you think about quitting is because of the consequences of smoking for your health. And there’s also a huge chance that you aren’t able to quit just by completely eliminating smoking. 

If you want a more attainable new year’s resolution this year, the better alternative is reducing the number of cigarettes you consume daily. Afterward, you’ll be able to smoke less and less each day pass. This way, your body won’t feel the need for nicotine fast. And after some time, you won’t have the urge to smoke. 

Start walking every day

You should prioritize your health in 2022. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and maintaining good physical health will make your body more immune to diseases. Aside from smoking, having a healthy lifestyle is the next new year’s resolution that people can’t do. This year, a more attainable goal is to start walking every day. 

Walking is highly underrated as an exercise. However, it is one of the easiest things to do if you want to lose weight. This year, you can download a fitness app and try to reach a certain number of steps every day. Once you get used to walking a certain number of steps, you can start to sprint then run. 

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Read a few pages a day 

A more realistic approach to the “read more books” new year’s resolution is to read a few pages every day. If you’re eyeing out to read a book you like, a hack that you can use is knowing the number of pages a book has and dividing it by seven if you want to finish a book in a week. But another option you can have is reading 10 pages a day. 

When reading books, it’s better to read slowly and learn all the things that the book has rather than reading fast just for the sake of reading it. If you want an alternative to reading, you can always listen to audiobooks whenever you’re driving or working out. A goal you can have this year is to start reading instead of finishing books. 

Save a small amount daily 

If you can invest this year, the better. However, investment is not attainable for everyone given that not everyone can invest due to their needs. The best alternative for this new year’s resolution is to have a piggy bank at home and put whatever amount you can. You don’t have to set an amount of what to put. 

The point of this new year’s resolution is to develop the habit of saving and not to have a certain amount of money. When you develop a habit of saving, there’s a huge chance that you can invest that money one day on a business, insurance, or even a house and lot from Camella. Putting even one peso per day in your piggy bank can go a long way. 

How to have a new year’s resolution

You can have a new year’s resolution based on what you want to change this new year whether it’s your physical well-being or habits that you want to develop or avoid. Unless you’re a person with no self-awareness, you know what you want to change and improve within yourself. 

But if you want a more scientific approach to making a new year’s resolution, the best method you can have is SMART analysis. In having a resolution for a new year, you should have a goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. This way, you’ll be more sure of what resolutions to make. 

Whether the new year is coming close or not, you should keep in mind that there is no wrong time for a person to change and you don’t need resolutions to turn your life around. 

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