New Investment Opportunities in the Philippines

Discover new investment opportunities in the Philippines that you can venture in to augment your finances and achieve your goals.

Does anyone ever wonder when a better time to start a new hobby is? A new job? Get a new house and lot? Start a new business investment? The answer is, there is no right answer. No one can ever tell when the “time is right.” It might be today, or it could be in the next two years for all you know. But, 2021 could be the year to start a new hobby to foster new relationships. The year to finally take the opportunity of investing money in business.

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Find new opportunities to grow your equity

Quarantine has not been easy for the whole society. Some people have lost their jobs, but they did not let that stop them from generating income. As long as you have the capacity, there is no reason why you should let that stop you either. One of the most efficient ways you can earn besides diving into Digital Marketing is investing your savings in the right businesses. If you have successfully invested your money in a venture that works for you, that investment can take you miles; trust that.  

What are the new investment opportunities I can venture into?

If you wonder what kind of businesses you should invest in and why, fret not, for here is a list of new investment opportunities for every one of us.

Online Professional Consultations

Investment opportunities | Photo from Pexels

With the growing shift to digital marketing, many people have left their traditional jobs for a more convenient way of working. Several professionals like lawyers, doctors, teachers, and even real estate agents and companies have switched from working on-site to working from home.

Some offer one-on-one online consultations, and some offer web group consultations and classes. One could also offer face-to-face consultations for specific customers, but the government strongly advises against it in this pandemic.  

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Tutoring Services

Online tutoring jobs | Photo retrieved from Pexels

While some workers have returned to their respective offices, some are also still working from their homes. Tutoring services like ESL (English as a Second Language) have been highly in-demand, especially when most of the students are struggling to shift into online classes.

When working from home, one needs to be comfortable enough to sit all day and stare at the computer screen. If the question is what affects the level of comfort when working from home, the answer might be the environment.

Camella takes pride in its offerings to help families and their members in this pandemic. Let us face it, and one can be stressed even within the comforts of their home. A spacious home allows every member your family privacy and spaces where they could focus.

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Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself | Photo from Unsplash

Although this might sound not as much an investment, investing in oneself is one of the best things to do. One might have heard this line somewhere from a self-uplifting speech or a TedTalk or maybe from their favorite Youtuber, but believe it or not, investing in oneself is also a form of self-care.   

One can invest in many ways aside from exercising, adopting a new skincare routine, sleeping early, and eating healthy. This self-investment can help earn more and maybe get the dream promotion one has always wanted! In this rapidly changing world, the only way to remain updated and relevant in anyone’s work is still to be progressive.

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Part-Time Job

Part time jobs | Photo from Unsplash 

No matter how self-gratifying a full-time job is, a side hustle is always an excellent option to gain extra income. When frequently scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feeds, one would see online sellers going live and promoting their products. These products come in the form of everyday clothes, pandemic essentials (masks and face shields), branded bags, and even formal clothing like gowns and suits! Just like that, one can adopt these ideas and start an online selling platform. Besides this, there are many more side businesses to invest in.  

Creative design

For creative people, venturing into Graphic Design can help put ideas out there. It is relatively more comfortable now to have access to a vast majority of software and websites focused on design, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Canva, to name a few.  


Blogging is another notable side business to try for people who have a way with words. One might think,” Blogging? It’s still a thing?” Yes, Blogging is always essential. Recent blogging statistics show thousands of bloggers earning tons by creating diverse content from home cooking to lifestyle. It is not yet too late to stimulate creativity and start a blog to make that extra income!  

While having the resources to venture into a side business is more than a good thing, having the skills to market it is even better. No matter how good a side business seems, a good marketing strategy will always provide better results and ROIs (Return on Investment).

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Delivering Services

Delivering services | Photo from Unsplash

It is no surprise that this ended up being on the list. There are many delivery services on the rise during this pandemic, which makes the lives of consumers a tad bit easier. This does not end in food delivery alone. Even shopping is now made more comfortable and faster because of delivery services.  

All home offers various products ranging from home decors, appliances, plants to even construction materials. Besides shopping physically, you can also check out AllHome’s website for the ultimate shopping experience brought into everyone’s own home. How awesome and incredibly convenient is that?

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Real Estate Investment

Camella’s master-planned community | Photo from Camella Homes

Real estate has proven itself to be, yet again, one of the most substantial investments of all time. Its dictionary meaning involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental, and/or sale of real estate for profit. When one already has all the resources to invest in real estate, the next step is to choose what kind of property it would be, whether it may be a house, a house and lot, or a condo unit.


True, investing in real estate or even any kind of business requires long hours of decision making, and frankly, quite a huge amount of money. But while this is a significant cash outflow, take advantage of the fact that the property’s value appreciates over time. Available is an option to sell it or put up the property for lease to ensure steady passive cash flow. If one does not like so, passing it to future generations is also a smart move.   

Convenient location

It is also important to note that anyone wants to invest in a conveniently close property to essential establishments. Is the property near a mall so one can easily buy everyday needs? What if there was an emergency and I needed to go to the hospital right away? Is it easily accessible? Does it allow pets? Can everyone still do their outdoor hobbies? What about a late-night coffee run? Are there any coffee shops nearby? Is it a township with reduced air pollution

Secure environment

Last but not least, is it safe? Worry no more, for Camella offers a wide array of properties situated in different prime locations within the nation. There are properties in Metro Manila, where all the hustle and bustle is. Additionally, properties are located in places near the metro like Cavite, Bulacan, and many more while still surrounded by the basic lifestyle necessities.

Safe and healthy homes

Along with this, security is also another factor to be considered. Anyone would want real estate that is secured and is safe to live in. With the availability of SmartHomes’ advanced protective features accompanied by the round-the-clock roving security personnel, Camella ensures its homeowners’ safety within its gates. It is high time to invest in safety and security.

Last but not least,

Investing in Relationships

A family in Camella Homes

Now this investment can be in different forms: family, friends, and colleagues. At the forefront of every person is their family. Nurture healthy relationships in Camella. Check out the available house and lot for sale across the Philippines or visit our virtual gallery.

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