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Real Estate

OFW coming home to a Camella Healthy Home Freya with carport and balcony

Buying Your First Home in the Philippines

You have finally found the one—your dream house and lot located in your dream community, but how do you exactly buy it? What should you do first? What comes next? People often get scared or stressed about buying their first house and lot. It may get a little bit intimidating, with all the paper works you have to accomplish, signatures you have to provide, and documents you have to...


Dear Millennial, What Do You Truly Desire?

What do you truly desire? That is probably one of the hard questions a young millennial has ever been asked. Even adults do not have a concrete answer to this question. Technically speaking, the desire we feel is evidence that a person is capable of showing emotions. Oxford Languages defines desire as a strong wish of wanting something to happen. The desire to achieve what your heart wants or the fact...

Township surrounded by greeneries

Top 5 Places to Buy House and Lot Near Metro Manila

Living in Metro Manila may seem attractive with its bustling urban life and opportunities. But as the Philippines' fast-paced capital, residing in a house and lot in the metro also has its downsides. People flocking to the capital increases its population, which in turn causes more stressors like the perpetual heavy traffic and higher cost of living. Are you one of those people who want to get away...

Freya house unit with 5 bedrooms, 3 toilet and baths, and carport and balcony

Camella SmartHomes: Unlocking Healthier Homes with Technology

Times are changing fast, and so is our lifestyle. As the safest sanctuary during times of crisis, your home is your first line of defense against visible and invisible threats. But is it ready to address your current and future needs? After over four decades of pioneering townships and building quality homes for Filipino families, Camella now leads the movement of integrating smart home technology to...

Happy family in bedroom with mom, dad, and 3 children

Camella Celebrates 43rd Anniversary, Brings Favorites Home

Camella Celebrates 43rd Anniversary, brings favorites home By: Hanna Barbara Sillo Brands best integrate themselves into the consumers' lives by becoming symbols of their ideals. For Camella, this connection with their homeowners is forged by embodying the aspirations of every Filipino family. On Camella's 43rd anniversary, the brand continues to prove its status as the country's favorite in...

Camella Grande Series Greta and Freya with carport and balcony

Camella Eases Up House and Lot Buying for Investors

Camella Eases Up House and Lot Buying for Investors By: Hanna Barbara Sillo Is it wise to buy a house and lot during a pandemic? Are you one of those people whose home-buying plans got deterred by the pandemic? The quick progression of the COVID-19 virus in the country has put the real estate industry to a standstill. This is traced back to the physical constraints that disallowed site...

Camella’s Video Campaign Bags Anvil Award

Camella’s 2018 video campaign, “Ako Naman Ngayon”, bagged the Silver Anvil during the 54th Anvil Awards of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines held last January 30, 2019 at the Marriott Grand Ball in Pasay City. “Ako Naman Ngayon”, an inspiring tribute to the families of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), was recognized as an excellent public relations tool in capturing the...

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