Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Good

How to make your home smell good? Follow these seven easy ways to make your home a warm place to welcome visitors and a better place to live.

The sense of smell is sometimes referred to be the greatest human sense; since both pleasant and bad aromas have a significant influence on our everyday choices. When it comes to our house or condominiums, a space that smells fresh is typically a good sign. However, if the fragrance is offensive, it makes us feel uneasy.

How to make your home smell good - Camella
How to make your home smell good – Camella

The smell of your home is one of the first things that people notice. To those who do not live there, your house constantly smells like that. This is because the longer you are exposed to smells, the less detectable they become. It is informally referred to as sensory adaptation or “nose-blindness.” This “nose blindness” is actually adaptive, since when familiar scents recede into the background and an unexpected aroma (such as smoke) emerges, we become more aware of it. However, this might simply signify that your belongings smell and you are unaware of it.

Keep every part of your home smelling fresh with these tips

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Additionally, it has been said that the genuine fragrance of clean is none. However, it’s virtually impossible to have your home smell like nothing. You’re certain to wind up with a blend of distinct aromas as a result of your children, pets, cooking, and just going about your regular life.

To assist you in resolving the issue of foul odors in your house, discover some natural, inexpensive, and simple strategies to make your whole home smell amazing and welcoming.

Maintain a Fresh Smell in Your Home With These Essential Tips

Regularly dispose of your garbage

Litter boxes, trash cans, pet beds, and diaper pails are all examples of areas that emit foul odors. You may disagree, but the more time we spend near these objects, the less likely we are to notice how bad they smell.

As a result, it is critical to be proactive: At least once a month, clean the interior of your trash can (including the lid, if there is one). Maintain a little amount of cat litter in the bottom of the pail to absorb odors. Clean pet bedding on a regular basis and clean the litter box daily. Additionally, if possible, utilize tiny garbage pails in your house; this forces you to take out the trash more often.

Dispose your garbage with a purpose. Here is a list where you can donate some of them.

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Light a Scented Organic Candle

Scented candles are an excellent method to add fragrance to your home and for aromatherapy. A well-scented candle may alter your mood and assist you in preparing for bed. They may also have a physical effect on us, affecting our blood pressure. To make your home smell good, I conducted an extensive study on scented candles and here is what I discovered about how they operate.

Scented candles function by evaporating the aroma. As the wax on the candle’s surface melts, it also heats the smell component, which evaporates. The burn process is identical to that of an unscented candle, with little to no effect from the aroma.

Due to the fact that the scent is produced from the heated pool of wax rather than the flame, bigger candles with a greater surface area are the ideal option for a powerful smelling candle.

When it comes to determining how to make your house smell nice, scented candles are by far the simplest option. Additionally, candle warmers eliminate the need for soot and smoke.

Additionally, scented wax discs may maintain their aroma longer due to the fact that they are heated rather than burned. There are hundreds of various smells available; just select your favorite and in a matter of minutes, your house may be filled with hints of pumpkin pie or fresh vanilla.

Indoor Flowering Plants

A fragrant home may help you relax and even wow guests; however, you do not have to resort to synthetic air fresheners or scented candles to have a fragrant home. Numerous indoor plants emit lovely scents that you can enjoy completely naturally, so maintaining them about the home might eliminate the need for any scented goods.

If you want to add fragrance to your home, consider planting one of the following fragrant houseplants:


Although not all jasmine flowers are fragrant, Jasminum polyanthum is a variety that is frequently grown indoors and emits a sweet fragrance at night. Keep this kind of jasmine near a window to ensure it receives enough sunshine.


The gardenia is one of the most fragrant plants on the planet. Although gardenias are more often cultivated outside, they may be grown inside as well with appropriate care. Provide the proper climate for them, and you may enjoy their fragrant blossoms.

Geraniums with scents

There are several varieties of geraniums, each with its own distinct aroma. You may cultivate these lovely blooms in the comfort of your own home, whether you like apricot, apple, lemon, mint, strawberry, or another smell.


Citrus trees generate the delicious aromas of orange, lemon, and grapefruit; and who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with these calming fragrances? These plants demand continuous watering and well-drained potting soil.


Lavender is a calming and relaxing fragrance that may help you stay calm and even sleep better at night. The secret to growing lavender successfully inside is to expose it to plenty of sunshine. If necessary, use artificial light and maintain it in a cold area.


Orchids are a popular choice for indoor plants, and for good reason. They’re simple to maintain inside and available in a variety of scents. Others have jasmine-like aromas, some are more lemony, and some are comparable to vanilla, but whatever of the one you pick, your house will have a delectable perfume – provided you take adequate care of your plant.

Check all of your options for indoor house plants. See out list here:

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Activate Your Windows

It’s the easiest approach to introduce fresh air, particularly if you have residual cooking aromas or lingering odors from house renovation tasks such as painting. Opening a window purifies your whole surroundings and contributes to the improvement of your home’s mood. If feasible, open windows on opposite sides of your home to create a cross breeze. Even if the outside temperature is subzero, opening a window for a few seconds may assist.

Utilize Briquettes de Charcoal

Charcoal briquettes, like charcoal water filters, may be used to absorb moisture and odors from the air in your house. While we are all aware that using charcoal to eliminate refrigerator scents works, it seems that it also works in other rooms. It’s also beneficial for “old apartment odors” in older buildings or for wet smells in basement-level flats.

To distribute them, just arrange a couple in a metal tray. Additionally, you can sew pouches for them or use an old sock and hang them in inconspicuous locations. Wrap the briquettes in foil or plastic and place them inside the basket. Alternatively, arrange them on a tray on a shelf or side table: the black mini-pillows really look rather stylish!

Utilize Certain Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are really trendy right now. They are plant-based oils that smell exactly like their ingredients: peppermint oil smells just like peppermint, clove oil smells exactly like clove, and lemon oil smells exactly like lemons. They are found in lotions, candles, perfumes, home cleansers, and herbal remedies, among other goods.

How, however, do you use essential oils to eliminate pet (or kid) odors? For a fast and simple treatment, combine 2 cups of water and 20-25 drops of your preferred essential oils in a spray bottle. Before spraying the foul room, shake the container well. Your area will smell fresh and clean. Container & Packaging Supply offers spray bottles as well as coordinating trigger sprayers. If you want to store essential oils in one of our containers for a long length of time, please refer to our blog article on the best containers for essential oil storage for further information.

When it comes to scenting your flat, moderation is key.

You’re looking for a delicate aroma, not anything overbearing. Additionally, we strongly suggest using a reed diffuser to perfume your space, since it emits a much more delicate aroma than something like a scented candle.

Another possibility is to use glade plugins’ fragrant oils. They function, but in my experience, they don’t last very long, necessitating frequent oil replacement. A simple yet effective method is to leave dryer sheets around the house’s corners. These will absorb offensive smells and generate a nice aroma, plus they are very cost-effective.

Maintain a Dry Home

Moisture is the leading contributor to home scents. To remedy this, consider testing the humidity level in each room with a hygrometer; if you discover a room with a humidity level greater than 60%, you may wish to use a dehumidifier. You may use many dehumidifiers if necessary, but keep in mind that they might consume a lot of energy: Begin with one and monitor your progress.

If you live in a humid region, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting or rugs, which may trap moisture, particularly in places such as the kitchen and bathroom. Consider storing moisture-absorbing crystals in locations that are prone to dampness, such as restrooms and certain closets. Additionally, monitor other micro sources of moisture, such as sponges and towels: Replace sponges at least once every one to two weeks, ensuring that clean towels are completely dry before folding and storing them, and dry bath mats by hanging them over the shower rod.

With three simple techniques, you may create a wonderful smell and sense of relaxation in your house.

Remember, the goal is to maintain cleanliness and to adhere to the list so that you never have to deal with unwanted odors in your apartment. Additionally, a clean and green environment is critical.

Establishing a cleaning program is a good option if you don’t want your condominium to smell once again. It is strongly advised that you do a light apartment cleaning once a week and a comprehensive cleaning once a month.

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