How to Setup a Game Room at Home

How to design a game room

Take your gaming passion to a whole new level by creating your own game room at home!

How to Create Your Own Game Room at Home

When someone migrates from being a regular at an entertainment center or game store to actually finding enough space in their homes to setup for a gaming area, then we can say, that the person is a bonafide gamer.

Gaming is the passion of some people to the point where they are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of pesos just to improve their graphics or smoothen their gameplay.

From kids to full-grown adults, everyone can say that gaming is a fun activity to do. Once you have your own gaming system, the addiction just continues. 

The next item you will collect is upgrades if you are using a PC as a gaming system. On the other hand, there is a chance that you’ll be collecting disks and putting them on a shelf if you’re using Xbox or PlayStation.

On the other hand, some people take it to the next level and buy old-school gaming consoles that play 8-bit games. 

Whatever your video game preference is, there is one thing for sure. Gamers love to have a holy grail of stress-relief games and build their own game room.

Most of the time, they set up their station in their rooms but if they have the capacity, they have a separate room for gaming. Just like in any other room of the house, there are essentials in having a game room. 

How to setup a game room?

Let’s not kid you. To organize a proper gaming area demands a lot of time and too much money.

To set up a game room, choose a dedicated space with ample lighting, arrange comfortable seating, install gaming consoles or PCs, organize storage for games and accessories, and incorporate immersive decor to enhance the gaming experience.

Designing your gaming area

The first step is identifying the right spot for your gaming area. One needs to consider the conversion of a small section in the bedroom, a corner in the hall, or a living space within the house.

If you will be spending hours on screen time playing your games, it only makes sense to fix the place to enjoy the full potential of your game – and have fun while at it.

If you have limited space, vertical storage and other similar storage options is the way to go. Gamers usually have minimalistic design in the game room with sparse wall decor.

Seating arrangement, a comfortable chair where you sit for hours, lighting, furniture like the tv stand or monitor stand, cable management,are some of the considerations.

Blackout curtains is also one of the must haves in the gaming room as too much sun and heat can compromise the gaming equipment.

The gaming room, which easily and quickly translates into a man cave incorporates all the basics that make a gamer’s daily life convenient.

You will probably see bean bag chairs strewn on the floor. Some even set-up table tennis to distract them once in a while from an overly intense game or when whiling away.

Here are other gaming room ideas as you setup yours:

Have a good set of speakers 

Sound effects make gaming more exciting. When setting up a game room, consider having a set of excellent speakers. If you can have speakers that do not need wires to connect, the better.

This means that you can have the best surround sound without having to deal with messy wires in your game room. 

But if you are on a budget, it is okay to choose wired speakers over Bluetooth ones. The characteristic that you should be looking for in a speaker is sound quality before anything else.

After the sound, the next criterion you should check is the controls that you can do with the speakers. 

Image taken by Amr Taha™, from Unsplash

Consider if you’ll soundproof your gaming room

The speakers gamers use are usually loud to the point where they can cause a disturbance. And even if you’re using headphones, there will be times where you’ll scream while gaming.

This happens out of either excitement or disappointment towards the game. To conceal these sounds, soundproofing the wall is a great idea for your gaming room. 

Soundproofing does not only make your gaming room quieter to the outside, but it also improves the sound quality of your speakers from the inside.

Most gaming rooms have insulating foams attached to their walls. However, there are multiple ways on how to soundproof your room. For better options, it is best to have a professional install it for you.

Choose the perfect gaming chair 

The gaming room is not complete without the gaming chair. In choosing the best gaming chair for you, you don’t have to have the kind that Pewdiepie has.

What you want is a gaming chair that has good back support for long gaming sessions. You would also want to check the materials where your preferred gaming chair is made. 

There are gaming chairs available for PC and console gaming. But if you want a gaming chair that you can use for both, a pedestal gaming chair is the one for you.

These chairs are also called hybrid chairs and sometimes, they already come with a monitor and speakers. When choosing a chair, think of a gaming chair that is compatible with your device. 

Retro consoles for collection 

Old consoles bring back nostalgic memories for those who played them as kids.

Consider having these playable game consoles displayed in your game room, creating a retro night experience for you and your friends, and indulging in the unique challenges of old games like Star Wars designed for hardcore gamers, providing a refreshing contrast to modern gaming with unlimited tries and saves, showcasing the evolution of gaming components over time.

Old games have a different vibe than games today and if you can’t find anything to play, you can always switch to these games.

They bring a challenge even if you’re playing alone because there are no unlimited tries, skins, and saves back then. These games are designed for hardcore gamers because you start from the beginning once you’re game over. 

RGB Lighting is optional 

Most game rooms today have RGB lighting. Yes, these lights are magnificent to look at but you don’t necessarily need them for playing nor do they improve your gaming experience.

RGB lights are optional but no one can blame you if you want them installed because they really look good in a gaming room. 

There are LED mood light strips that only have a single color but if you’re going to choose, the ideal choice is those that have LED strips that are remotely controlled where you can change the lights’ color.

They are called mood lights for a reason so change the color based on how you want to feel. A single color is fine if you’re going with white. 

Consider the size of your room 

The size of your entire room determines the scope of your game room decor and the inclusion of gaming equipment.

The bigger the room is, the more devices you can add to your gaming room of course. If you have a large space, you can add a pool table, an arcade machine, or a small fridge so you don’t have to go back and forth in your house. 

If you have a small space, what you can do is have your device, a gaming chair or couch, and some lights.

The size of the room only matters if you want to add as much furniture and electronics as you like. And if you’re using your bedroom as a space for gaming, it is perfectly fine as long as you can play comfortably in it. 

Have a comfortable gaming setup

Creating a comfortable gaming setup begins with thoughtful gaming room ideas and an efficient game room setup.

A crucial element is investing in the right gaming desk, tailored to your specific needs and preferences, offering ample space for your PC gaming setup.

Designing your own gaming room allows for personalization, ensuring that the gaming space is not only functional but also reflective of your style.

A well-organized gaming space enhances the overall gaming experience, promoting focus and comfort during extended gaming sessions.

So, when curating your gaming room, consider the layout, the ergonomics of your gaming desk, and the overall aesthetics to create an inviting and personalized gaming haven.

It’s more than Gaming 

If someone you love is an avid gamer, you should support them on their hobby as long as it does not hurt anyone.

For people who are casual gamers, gaming might just be a pastime. But for people who grew up with controllers on their hands, gaming is an escape from reality and a way to socialize with friends. 

Gaming is also a way for people to de-stress and somehow, still feel connected even you are away from people.

Having a game room is excellent, but what’s more important is you enjoy the games you prefer and being in the same game lobby with your friends.

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