Camella To The Next Level

Affordable, beautiful and quality—the trademarks of every dream home that came true through Camella’s expertise. Grabbing homebuyers’ attention are the first two adjectives, but gaining their trust, surely, is the last one. More than flowery words and sweet promises, our selection of quality homes is what gained the trust of more than 400,000 Filipino families.  

And to maintain this trust we will. Camella is all-set to provide quality homes beyond standard. Camella greets new homebuyers with the good news of improved house specs!

Home Improvements

As a brand that primarily caters to our OFWs, a home is an investment of time, money, effort and many sacrifices. More than keeping a strong foothold in the real estate industry, improving our house specs is Camella’s way of ensuring full satisfaction of our homebuyers. Thus, Camella ends the year on a positive note—the gift of better quality homes. 

Wanting to give you the best and keeping up with the trend-led industry, Camella homes will be upgrading several house specs: doors, locksets, switches, convenience outlets, kitchen sink, kitchen countertops, kitchen faucet, hose bibb, bathroom tiles, bathroom fixtures, bidet, shower and driveway.

Safety and Security

A home should be the place where we feel most at ease and secured. With Camella changing its main doors to steel doors that feature deadbolt locks, homeowners can sleep better at night knowing they’re safe from unwanted break-ins. Being one of the most versatile door options, steel doors can withstand bad weather and make even the most determined thief look elsewhere for a softer and easier target. 

Comfort and convenience

With new product improvements to be installed, moving around our homes should be an easier task; something we can comfortably do even when we’re dealing with the usual morning grogginess or with our eyelids half-closed.

*Switches and Outlets

To be introduced in our homes are wide series switches with illumination. Adding this simple and modern electrical component to our homes will give homeowners an easier time locating the switches when it’s pitch-dark inside. Universal outlets, which will not require adaptors anymore, will likewise be incorporated.

*Kitchen faucet, Kitchen sink and Kitchen countertops 

Most agree that the kitchen is the heart and epicenter of the home as food preparation, cooking and celebrations all take place in this area.

Sourced from All Home, a one-stop shop for home essentials, new buyers are guaranteed of a newly-enhanced kitchen sink. Besides increase in dimension and washing space, a gooseneck wall mounted kitchen faucet is vowed to have the most convenient handle for washing. 

* Bidet, Shower, Bathroom Tiles and Bathroom Fixtures

Personal hygiene is essential to keep one’s body healthy and well-groomed. With continuous innovations in technology, Camella sees to it that our bathroom features do not fail to keep up or fall behind. 

Besides two more layers of bathroom tiles for selected houses below 46 sqm, other noticeable improvements to our bathrooms include additional bidets and an upgrade from wall mounted shower head to telephone shower head—all meant to provide new owners more convenience in keeping themselves hygienic. Furthermore, our bathrooms will be incorporated with single piece water closets based on the latest trend. This type of toilet requires less fittings, so homebuyers can expect less maintenance and easy installation.    

*Hose Bibb

Nobody wants to find themselves calling a plumber every so often to fix some problems with water supply. With Camella installing better and rust-proof outdoor faucets having more thread, homebuyers are spared from future inconveniences caused by leaky faucets and broken pipes.

*Paved Driveway

New homebuyers must have thought of having an aesthetically-designed driveway as it naturally adds value to our homes. Part of our leveled up homes are paved driveways for selected model houses namely, Cara, Dana and Ella. 

 Camella Model Houses

 A home is a long term investment, and ensuring that homebuyers get to have the best possible return is what Camella strongly aims to provide. These new efforts and upgrades are all configured to uplift the quality, not just of our homes, but of the lives of our homeowners as well.

With main doors turned into steel doors and locksets upgraded providing more security; bidets and telephone showers newly-installed and upgraded bringing much more convenience; increased wall tiles and improved bathroom fixtures for better ambience and comfort and; kitchen area featuring better design and efficiency, the country’s most trusted brand wants nothing but for our homebuyers to have the best living experience. Indeed, Camella is taking housing to the next level through the improvements of these certain house specs! 

Camella homes are now made better. Camella like no other. Camella welcoming you to the next level.

Interested in buying your new home in Camella? Contact us at 0999 887 2921 or 0917 537 7235. For more details, check out or visit the nearest Camella office in your area. Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events and announcements by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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