Best Restaurants in Rizal: 10 Must-Try Cafés and Restaurants

Sometimes, when we feel overwhelmed by everything happening around us, all we need is the warm embrace of a cozy coffee shop, a steaming cup of our favorite brew, comfort food, and stunning views of city lights.

Rizal province, also known as the cradle of Philippine Arts, is a treasure trove of culinary delights waiting to be discovered. From quaint coffee shops to charming restaurants, Rizal offers a diverse array of dining experiences that cater to every palate.

Cloud 9: Panoramic Views of Metro Manila Skyline

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Enchanting views. Delightful Meals.

If you are an adventurous type of person, and a coffee lover and foodie at that, then you should visit this go-to place with relaxing ambiance in Antipolo. Here, you can unwind and appreciate the panoramic views of the Metro Manila skyline, all while crossing the ever-famous Cloud 9 hanging bridge. 

After taking in all the enchanting views, it is time to dine in and delight in their sumptuous food. They serve appetizers, favorite Filipino dishes, coffee blends and other beverages, and many more. The alfresco setup of their restaurant makes it an ideal place to stay safe from the virus while having a wonderful experience.

Image from ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Café 360º Facebook page
Image from ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Café 360º Facebook page

A Hidden Gem with Great Food

Rizal is located at the top of the hilly part of Binangonan, an Instagram-worthy café. If you have been to Antipolo’s Pinto Art Museum first before visiting Art Sector Gallery & Chimney Cafe 360º, you will notice some concept similarities between these two places. The Art Sector Gallery was also designed by the multi-awarded artist Antonio Leaño.

Nestled within a charming Rizal cafe, just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city center, lies a hidden gem known as the Chimney Café. This quaint establishment boasts a rustic and modern decor, with rooftop access inviting patrons to unwind in its cozy ambiance.

Upon entering, the aroma of freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee tantalizes the senses, beckoning visitors to indulge in a steaming cup of their specialty brew. For those seeking a refreshing option, the iced coffee or classic cold brew is a delightful choice.

The café also offers a variety of food and beverage options to complement the coffee experience. Guests can savor their treats in the alfresco dining area, basking in the warm sunlight or under the starlit sky.

As they enjoy their refreshments, a curated playlist fills the air, enhancing the overall atmosphere. Whether seeking a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely coffee date, Chimney Café provides the perfect setting for a memorable experience.

All corners of this café feed your artsy soul and give you a breathtaking panoramic view of Laguna de Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains. If you want to catch a beautiful sunset, this gallery and café is also the place to be.

These are all on top of their affordable yet delectable food, such as pasta, sandwiches, and pizza. Coffee, tea, and cocktails are also available here. This is truly a must for Filipino artists and food lovers, perfect for special occasions or family getaways.

Tahanan Bistro: Filipino Cuisine and Laguna Lake Views

Image from Tahanan Bistro Facebook Page
Image from Tahanan Bistro Facebook Page
Image from Tahanan Bistro Facebook Page

Casual fine dining in a homey, cozy place

Want to give your partner a lovely date? You have to try this homey and cozy place in Antipolo’s gated residential neighborhood. Tahanan Bistro is known for its Filipino casual fine dining experience, and its food is superb. They serve a five-course meal that highlights Philippine products while giving you an overlooking view of an expansive garden, forestry, and Laguna de Bay.

What is even more attractive about this rustic restaurant is that, just like ArtSector Gallery, it houses privately owned art collections that you can take pictures of. 

Burrow Café: Picturesque View and Creative Space

Image from Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse Facebook page
Image from Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse Facebook page

Cozy and rustic vibe

Looking for a creative space? Immerse in nature and feel the cozy and rustic vibe in this underground café in the upper Antipolo, Rizal.

At Burrow Cafe, you will be greeted with the beauty of natural surroundings, fresh air, and a serene environment. Their food is also worth the try. You can enjoy breakfast or take in delicious brunch and desserts. The café also features a growing selection of vegan choices.

If you are already inside the café, you may also want to peek at the Antipolo Beehouse, which is only a few steps away from the café. 

The Crescent Moon Café and Studio Pottery: Peaceful Art Space

Image taken by Jaypee Maristaza, from
Image taken by Jaypee Maristaza, from

A unique experience

If you want a unique experience and peaceful ambiance, you will love The Crescent Moon Café and Studio Pottery. Implied in the name itself, guests can take part in creating ceramics before or after delighting in the café’s food selection. 

Aside from being able to discover a new hobby, you will surely love their Southeast Asian-inspired dishes. Pairing it with their Thai-inspired beverages is also an experience worth the try. Their food is also good for those who are very particular with their diet, as they serve healthier food options.

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Bulawan Floating Restaurant: Unique and Natural Food Experience

Serving all-time Filipino favorites

Your family is probably getting restless being cooped up at home. So, if you are looking for fun family activities, you better check out Bulawan Floating Restaurant in Pililla, Rizal. In this place, you can try catching a freshwater fish, which by the way, you have the option to bring home. There are a lot of trees lining up the fish pond, which makes it extra relaxing. 

The restaurant serves Filipino seafood favorites such as tilapia and bangus. But the crowd’s favorite is their Fiesta Inihaw Feast! It combines tilapiabangushitopusitporkchoptalong, and okra.

Kaulayaw Café: Coffee and Chill

Image from Kaulayaw Coffee Facebook page
Image from Kaulayaw Coffee Facebook page
Image from Kaulayaw Coffee Facebook page

Views of nature, sunset, and the metro skyline

The word “Kaulayaw” means one’s pleasant and intimate companion. This is why Kaulayaw Café is excellent for couples or groups of friends who want to chill after having an Antipolo road trip. Like any other famous restaurant in Rizal, Kaulayaw has its fair share of beautiful views of nature, sunset, and the Metro Manila skyline. 

This café serves locally grown coffee made from Sagada, Benguet, and their blend and sells packed grounds if you want to enjoy the brew at home. It also looks similar to your favorite cafés in Tagaytay and Baguio, so if you are missing the Tagaytay and Baguio vibe, this place is the one for you!

Vieux Chalet: Romantic Date Nights

Home on top of a mountain

In 1984, Swiss man Tony Hassig and his Filipino wife Susan opened a restaurant called Vieux Chalet, which conveys “home on top of a mountain.” This Swiss restaurant is the top go-to place for couples wanting romantic date nights, as it gives a unique fine dining experience that you and your partner will never forget.

Since Swiss food is not complete without cheese, they serve charcuterie boards with lots of meats and different types of cheese. Also, even if this is a Swiss restaurant, the owners made sure that they still incorporate Filipino ingredients so it will still have a Pinoy taste.

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Yellow Bird Café x Kitchen: In Search of Local Coffee Beans

Enjoy a fusion of Western and Asian cuisine

Have your coffee fix any time of the day because why not? Expect nothing less but great coffee and delicious food in this garden-inspired café and restaurant. Yellow Bird Café x Kitchen opens as early as seven in the morning.

After having your morning exercise routine, whether bicycling or jogging, you can go straight to this café for a sip of coffee and a delicious breakfast.

Aside from their excellent fusion of Western and Asian cuisines, their specialty is more of their ever-famous brews made from real and local coffee beans.

Yellow Lantern Café: For Your Perfectly Blended Cup of Coffee

A beacon of comfort and hospitality

Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Rizal, Yellow Lantern Cafe stands out as a beacon of comfort and hospitality. Step inside the coffee shop to discover a haven of relaxation amidst chic modern interior, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and popular barako coffee fill the air, enticing visitors to indulge in a cup of perfection.

The cafe’s cozy interior, adorned with charming lanterns and rustic decor, invites guests to linger awhile and savor the moment. Whether you’re craving a velvety espresso, a cup of salted caramel cold drink, a creamy latte art masterpiece, single origin coffee harvested by local farmers, the skilled baristas at Yellow Lantern Cafe are dedicated to crafting the perfect brew to suit your taste.

Pair your coffee with a delectable pastry or savory snack from their curated menu, featuring locally sourced ingredients and artisanal flavors. With its warm ambiance and dedication to quality, Yellow Lantern Cafe embodies the essence of Rizal’s vibrant coffee culture, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in a truly memorable coffee experience.

Rizal : Perfect for your Sweet Escape

With its rich dishes, unique views, or all of the above, the province of Rizal is surely the best destination. Make sure to keep this important list of must visit cafes and restaurants in Rizal: Yellow Bird Cafe X, Crescent Moon Cafe, Burrow Café, Chimney Cafe, Playlist Cafe, Uggy Café, Katerina Frappe House Special, Kaulayaw Coffee Place, among many others.

Whether you are craving for a bowl of Filipino rice meals with lemongrass pork belly or baked beef stew, a Southeast Asian inspired menu, or fusion treats like Tempura ice cream and Hokkaido cheese tart, Rizal can satiate them in no time.

It is truly amazing how this area, just near the metro, is brimming with cozy places perfect for your sweet escape. 

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