7 Interior Design Tricks to Make your Room Appear Larger

Do you need to spruce up a small space? Take a look at these ingenious interior design tricks. When it comes to furnishing small spaces, every detail counts. With a few strategically placed items and intelligent design choices, you can effectively make a room appear larger. Color manipulation, furniture arrangement, mirror placement, and creative lighting design all have the ability to deceive the eye and make interiors appear much larger than they actually are.

Interior design tricks to make room appear larger
Interior design tricks to make room appear larger

How to make a room appear larger: 7 simple tips

1. Utilize contrasts and light colors to visually enlarge rooms

Light interior colors to make room appear larger
Light interior colors to make room appear larger

Here’s how to use color to make a room appear larger. (Hint: It’s an optical illusion.) In the world of design, it’s well-established that light paint colors make a room appear larger and brighter. Light and bright walls are more reflective, which helps maximize the effect of natural light. Dark shades absorb light, creating the illusion of a smaller space. Another option is to use accent walls to make a room appear larger. Accent walls add a splash of color to the decorative space without being overpowering.

Thus, which colors make a room appear larger? To achieve the best effect, choose soft tones such as off-white, blues, and greens, and keep in mind that brighter rooms feel larger and more inviting. Additionally, here is another hack: Consider painting the trim and moldings on your walls a lighter color than your walls. This will make the walls appear further back, giving the illusion of a larger living room.

2. Utilize creative lighting to enliven your space

Natural light brightens and expands the interior of any room. That’s fantastic if you have access to natural light. However, if you do not, do not be discouraged. Utilize lighting fixtures to create some unique effects. You’ll be amazed at how much difference this small addition can make.

If you have access to natural light, bringing it into your home via large windows instantly connects the room to the outdoors, thereby expanding your available space. Allow more light in by using sheer window coverings or completely retracting them. If the view is poor, place plants or flowers near the windows and brighten the space with lamps.

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3. Eliminate clutter

Maintain a tidy and organized space by channeling your inner Kondo. Not only will this increase your joy, but nothing makes a small space feel more claustrophobic than an abundance of stuff. When items are neatly arranged or hidden from view, the visible space feels orderly and open.

Minimalism extends to your walls as well. Avoid overcrowding your walls with photographs. When considering how to make a room appear larger, a single large painting works better than a collection of small paintings.

Additionally, make every effort to keep the floor as clear as possible. Eliminate large rugs to give the illusion of additional floor space.

4. Establish a focal point

Discover how to make a room appear larger by establishing a focal point — a single area or feature that draws the eye. That is most likely the table in the dining room. It is the bed in the bedroom. Make that focal point the room’s star. Arrange the furniture to draw attention to that area, and keep the rest of the room’s décor to a minimum (limit the number of accessories).

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5. Make use of mirrors

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not mirrors make a room appear larger, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Mirrors can enlarge and open up a room. Create the illusion of depth by using a focal point and angling your mirrors toward it. Additionally, mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, brightening a room during the day and night. Placing a mirror adjacent to a window to reflect the outside world is particularly effective.

Mirrors on the walls and glass table tops will also help to open up the space, as will mirrored cabinet doors. Have you ever considered floor mirrors? That is another clever trick for making a room appear larger.

6. Be inventive with your furniture

Using the appropriate furniture is critical for creating the illusion of a larger room. To begin, utilize multipurpose furniture, such as a chest that doubles as a coffee table, a sofa bed, or a bed with storage drawers. Additionally, expandable dining tables, folding tables, and nesting tables that can be tucked away when not in use are excellent choices.

Bear in mind that tall and bulky pieces of furniture can eat up valuable space. Select a sofa and chairs with exposed arms and legs. This allows light to filter through the furniture, creating the illusion of more space.

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7. Optimize the layout to Make Room appear Larger

Scale your furniture to the room’s dimensions. Larger pieces of furniture should be placed against the walls to maximize open space and make the room appear larger. Additionally, avoid obstructing pathways. When furniture and accessories obstruct the view into a room, the space appears claustrophobic.

The diagonal is the longest straight line in any room. When furniture is positioned at an angle, it draws the eye to the longer wall. Additionally, you frequently gain additional storage space behind the piece.

Additional Tips to Make Room Appear Larger

Tips to Make Room Appear Larger
Tips to Make Room Appear Larger

1. If you’re looking for colors that will enlarge a room, opt for light hues such as off-white, dusty blue, light gray, and sage green.

2. You can learn how to maximize space in an area by utilizing built-ins or multifunctional furniture. This provides a location for clutter while also optimizing valuable storage space.

3. Multifunctional furniture, or pieces that can double as other items, as well as pieces with exposed legs, can help a room appear larger.

4. The same decorating rules that apply to other rooms apply to living rooms. If you want to make your living area appear larger, choose lighter colors that reflect more light and create an illusion of space. Neutrals, such as off-white, beige, or light gray, are excellent for infusing a space with sophistication and calm.

If you want to make your home appear larger than its physical dimensions, simply follow these tips to create the illusion of space you desire.

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