Underrated Places Near Boracay

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Underrated Places Near Boracay | Camella

Aklan is a province in Western Visayas known for its breathtaking beaches suited for island hopping and scuba diving. When it comes to white-sand beaches, numerous hiking trails, and spectacular sunset views, Aklan has it all. Aklan is most well-known for the popular summer destination Boracay, but there are still a lot of hidden gems that only local Aklanons know about. 

Are you one of those people who wants to explore beautiful destinations without the hassle of traveling too far? Aklan is the perfect place for you because Aklan has so much to offer local and foreign tourists that are still under the radar. The capital city of Kalibo is a nature lover’s paradise. However, there are natural wonders in Aklan that remain undiscovered.

Last year, we explored the tourist destinations present in the province of Aklan. However, there are more tourist spots that you should visit in the province, and more than one article is needed to cover all of Aklan’s hidden beauty. 

Here are some more underrated places in the province of Aklan and near Boracay.

Vinewood Tuhaw

Vinewood Tuhaw Photo from Facebook | Underrated Places Near Boracay
Vinewood Tuhaw Photo from Facebook

Vinewood Tuhaw is one of the most underrated travel destinations located in Brgy. Naasug, Sitio Tuhaw, Malay, Aklan, just a few minutes ride from Caticlan Jetty Port, where you can chill and unwind. It is a place for peace, love, and joy. It offers a unique experience because of the overlooking view of Boracay. 

They also offer camping with a stunning sunrise and sunset view and a Bali vibe. If you are looking for a side trip after your Boracay adventure, this is one of the best places in Aklan you should visit. 

Chole Camp & Café

Chole Camp & Café Photo from FB Marc M Dana | Underrated Places Near Boracay
Chole Camp & Café Photo from FB Marc M Dana

Are you a nature and coffee lover at the same time? This might be the perfect place to unwind, reflect, meditate, and relax while enjoying your cup of coffee. Chole Camp & Café is a great place to explore nature as it’s situated in a beautiful area in Agbalogo, Makato, Aklan. 

They offer a unique experience where you can avail of different services such as glamping, room accommodation, food and beverage services, and recreational and vacation camps above a mountain, giving you a breathtaking view of Aklan’s green forests.

Mansuetos Beach Resort 

Mansueto's Beach Resort Photo from FB | Underrated Places Near Boracay
Mansueto’s Beach Resort Photo from FB

Mansuetos Beach Resort is a unique native-house-themed resort in Aklan. If you want to plan a family weekend trip to have a fun and enjoyable experience, Mansuetos Beach Resort is the best place for you and your family. It is located in Brgy Union, Nabas, Aklan. Relax with the waves and the sea breeze on the beachfront, surrounded by coconut and palm trees.

Mansueto’s Beach Resort has a private beach with a beautiful ocean view for its guests. It’s a safe place where the beach and the tropical jungle meet. Going to Mansuetos Beach Resort will connect you to nature. 

Manika Viewpoint

Manika Viewpoint Photo from Aklan Life | Underrated Places Near Boracay
Manika Viewpoint Photo from Aklan Life

Another underrated travel destination with breathtaking views is the perfect place for riders, cyclists, and people who want a quick escape. Manika Viewpoint is the best road trip spot for Aklanons, located in Manika Libacao, Aklan. The high mountains, fresh air, and breathtaking views are the things that give travelers a unique experience.

Mt. Balinsayaw

Mt. Balinsayaw Photo from Me and My Backpack Blog - thepartyingtravele | Underrated Places Near Boracay
Mt. Balinsayaw Photo from Me and My Backpack Blog – thepartyingtravele

Mt. Balinsayaw is the best place for hikers and campers who like to see sunrises and sunsets. It gives two view decks; the eastern side provides the view of Ibajay’s town proper, beaches, and rice fields. 

On the western side, it showcases the high mountains of Pandan, Antique. If you want to experience the beauty of nature, this is the perfect place for you. Mt. Balinsayaw proves that there is more to Aklan than just Boracay Island. Its lush green forests and the magnificent view will be worth the climb.

Timbahan River 

Timbahan River Photo from FB Amazing Madalag | Underrated Places Near Boracay
Timbahan River Photo from FB Amazing Madalag

Timbahan River is one of the cleanest bodies of water in the Philippines, and this hidden gem in Madalag, Aklan, is truly worth the trip. Because of this river, rock formations were sculpted after hundreds of years. This is the Liktinon White Rocks Formation. 

Before heading to the river, you can visit the cemetery near the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and see a giant 14-century-old centennial tree. Upon reaching the river, you will see different rock formations and boulders around the crystal clear rivers.  

D’ Lighthouse

D Lighthouse Photo from Jayvee Manikan | Underrated Places Near Boracay
D Lighthouse Photo from Jayvee Manikan

Another perfect place for sunrise and sunset chasing, D’ Lighthouse is known to have a breathtaking view of the Paradise Island of Boracay; it is located in Naasug, Malay, and Aklan. The sounds of the waves and the sight of a golden sunset are the reasons that will make you fall in love with this place.

D’ Lighthouse is in the exact location of the Bongbongon Beach Resort, a white sand beach located in Aklan. This beach resort is a perfect alternative to Boracay Island due to its white sand and crystal blue waters that are perfect for snorkeling. Indeed, D’ Lighthouse is one of the most relaxing places in Aklan. 

Hurom-Hurom Spring Resort

Hurom Hurom Spring Resort Photo from newmoretransportservices blog | Underrated Places Near Boracay
Hurom Hurom Spring Resort Photo from newmoretransportservices blog

Are you craving some relaxation in an underrated destination? A nature lover and a water person as well? Indeed, Aklan has it all because the cold springs are one of the destinations that Aklan would be proud of because of their fresh, natural, and cold water that flows from the mountain. 

Local Aklanon enjoys taking a dip in this Spring Resort every summer, which is considered one of the best destinations for the locals. Its fresh waters are from water springs at the foot of a mountain, making the water colder and perfect for beating the heat. 

Hurom-Hurom Spring Resort is located in Nabas, Aklan, which is easy and accessible.

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House and Lot for Sale in Aklan- Camella Aklan

Aklan is a great province with many underrated destinations that can be UNESCO world heritage sites in the future. From stunning beaches with powdery white sand, sand dunes, peaceful mountains, and breathtaking sunsets, Aklan’s natural beauty has so much to offer that the locals know about it. It is an excellent time to invest in Aklan because it is a progressive and emerging province. Aklan is the best place to retire. 

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It is 55 minutes from Boracay Island and 8 minutes from Kalibo International Airport, making this community extremely accessible to the country’s UNESCO world heritage site and top summer destinations.

Having your own house and lot in Aklan creates a lifestyle close to having a permanent vacation every day. If you are looking for your next home in Aklan, Camella Aklan has the best amenities for you and your family. 

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