10 Tips to Raise Eco-Friendly Kids

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It is no secret that our environment is facing a severe threat due to several reasons. Pollution, increasing population, and even misuse of technology are just some of the factors that directly impact Mother Nature. Thus, it is also why preserving our environment is no more a choice. It has already become a necessity. 

One way of protecting our environment is to educate the young generation as early as now. Teach them the importance of making eco-friendly choices not only when necessary but also in their daily lives. This way, we can raise an environmentally conscious generation and, at the same time, can enjoy the beauty of the nature we have right now. 

If you are looking for ways to inspire your family to go green, here are ten eco-friendly practices you can begin today with your kids even without leaving your house and lot. 

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Start with the basic, talk about where the trash goes 

Kids usually learn that all the garbage should go inside the can and get picked up by the trash collector. It is already common sense. What is missing in this lesson is teaching them where all the garbage goes after they are collected. It is better to also tell them about landfills and why it should be a go-to practice to create less trash. You can also introduce them to eco-friendly choices about what goes in the garbage.  

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Reduce, reuse, and recycle 

Now that you have taught them about the importance of creating less trash let us now dig a bit deep into the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling. These 3Rs are one of the many positive steps towards saving our environment. But, how to make the idea kid-friendly? First, state the context plainly – reduce the quantity of the trash, reuse things by turning them into creative materials, and recycle the used item to convert them into other products. 

The next step would be to give examples for each R. A tip on how to teach them to reduce can be asking your kid to get only the needed portion of food to avoid leftovers. For reusing, you can propose fun DIY craft projects out of egg trays or tissue roll tubes. To recycle, you can create a composite pit in the backyard of your house and lot to dispose of the household trash. 

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Eco bags over plastic bags  

Whenever you buy the groceries with the kids, make sure to familiarize them with the importance of bringing or using eco bags for your purchased items. It is wise to tell them as early as now about the reality of tons of garbage going to the deep ocean, affecting marine habitats. You may also show them pictures for a more vivid imagination, but make sure you do not overwhelm them. Teaching your kids to use eco-bags may give them an idea that living in a community that promotes an eco-friendly environment will be their benefit in the future. 

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Use metal straws 

Plastic straw is out; metal straw is in! Most aquatic animals see plastic straws as food. For example, plastic materials usually stick in the noses of turtles, which can be fatal for them. There are informative viral videos online which you can show to help your kids understand and get curious enough to learn. Also, you can reinforce the green habit by giving your kids metal straws with an excellent design.

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Grow a garden 

For a memorable hands-on learning experience with your little ones, you start planting in your home. If you are living in a master planned house and lot community like Camella, where there is an expansive lot area for your property, a spot for gardening would not be hard to find. With green living, kids will surely see firsthand the beauty of nature and learn that food does not necessarily have to come from the grocery.  

Also, do not miss out doing this activity while it is trendy!  

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Make some plant-based treats 

Not all plant-based foods are unattractive to kids. There are recipes which you can try to introduce to healthy eating habits. You can try different oatmeal treats that are super easy to make and also great for breakfast. An example of which is oatmeal banana cookies then you can add some chocolates for a tastier experience. 

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Conserve water 

This tip is a must! Without realizing how much water we use daily, we take this privilege for granted. As early as now, it would be best to teach the kids some rules like using shower timers, turning off the water when they brush their teeth or wash their hands, or drinking the whole filled-in glass of water. 

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Conserve energy 

Besides conserving water, do not forget to save energy as well. Remind kids to turn off lights after using, power down computers, turn off the TV after watching, and stop opening the refrigerator from time to time.  

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Donate gently used items 

Every year-end, why not have your kids organize gently used items and create a donation drive? That sounds like a good idea to also manage your home. Teach them how clothes do not have to be easily disposed and it is better to pass it on to someone in need. This way, you can also make another kid smile! 

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Watch a movie 

Did you know that there are movies that talk about how to be environmentally friendly? So pop some popcorn and watch The Lorax or Wall-E. These films might help instill eco-friendly perspectives to your kids and somehow influence them to take care of mother nature even more. Also, after watching, you can ask them about their feelings towards the story for a more meaningful chat with your kids.  

There are always ways to make our world a better place, more so to preserve our environment. As a parent, look for a new way to go green in your home each month, with each activity involving your kids. Engaging them in this activity will get them to start thinking about how their efforts affect the world they live in and how minor changes can make a huge difference.  

Since they learn by watching, listening, and doing, it is also essential to clarify to them through words and daily actions to be more inspired to become environmentally conscious. They will be more like to adopt eco-friendly ways, continue for the rest of their lives, and pass the habit to others. 

Start your green lifestyle in a community that takes care of you and your family. Check out Camella’s latest offerings to help you start your and your kid’s journey towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.  

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