How to Save Money on Furniture

How to Save money from Furniture
How to Save money from Furniture

Buying your first home is for sure difficult due to its financial responsibilities. However, it does not end on buying the property alone. You have to fill your house with furniture and by doing so, you will also have to spend a huge amount. While there are property developers like Camella Manors who have partnerships with a furniture store, you cannot say the same for the rest. 

This means that you have to start from scratch when it comes to buying your own furniture. Spending money on furniture is not a joke as you need to fill the whole house with it. While there are sets that you can buy for every room of your house, there are affordable ways of purchasing furniture. 

Here are some things you can do to save on furniture. 

Buy from a manufacturer 

Buying straight from a manufacturer can decrease your spending on furniture. Stores sell their furniture for retail prices while manufacturers sell you wholesale prices. Some manufacturers even sell fittings that are sturdier than the ones you buy from stores because they make it from the wood of the highest quality. 

Buying furniture from a manufacturer saves you money in two ways. First, you can get the same item from the store for less because you’re buying the ones who made it directly. Second, you’ll spend more but will have fitting that has a life expectancy way longer than those factory-made presets you’ll find in stores. 

Buy from warehouses 

Most of the time, the fittings that you see in stores is just stocked and you’ll see the rest in their warehouse. What you can do is ask the salesperson where their warehouse is and ask if there are available warehouse sales. There are times where stores sell their overstock at lower prices so they can have more space for their warehouse.

Usually, aside from overstock, they also sell scratched, returned, and denied items at warehouse sales. These items have a bigger discount than overstock. What you can do is get a returned item or something that has a minimal scratch but is still in great condition. Next, apply repairs to the scratched area and there you go. 

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Buy used furniture 

If you’re on a tight budget, the best option for you to have is to shop second-hand furniture on garage sales and other sources. You can find second-hand furniture in thrift stores, Japan surplus stores, and flea markets. If you are lucky, ou can get prices here way lower than the previous options above. Sometimes, you can even haggle for better prices.

But if you do not want to go around and look for cheap furniture because of the pandemic, you can find used furniture online instead. Facebook Marketplace is a great source for all sorts of items and you might be lucky in finding a piece of fitting for your home there. You just have to have a keen eye when buying used furniture. 

Evaluate your needs 

Before buying furniture, make sure what you really need instead of what you want. That way, you can have a more accurate budget that will focus on only the essentials. Of course, a couch, a dining table, and some chairs are on the list. Bed frames and bookshelves on the other hand can be bought later. 

And if you still have a piece of fittings at home, don’t replace it unless they’re beyond repair. What you can do is buy other pieces of furniture that you do not have yet or better, save the money for other expenses around the house. After figuring out what you need, you should know to match available options to the aesthetic of your home. 

Build your own furniture 

Building your own furniture is the hardest way to save money on furniture. On the other hand, this can also be the cheapest way to have a piece of furniture at home. It only requires the materials, some time, and the effort to do so. Depending on the wood, your furniture might not even cost four digits if you know your woodworking. 

The only problem with making your own fittings is that you have to have enough knowledge and equipment before creating your own. But if you really want to make your own furniture, there are videos that you can follow. You should also know that the furniture does not have to be perfect at every angle. Only factory-made ones have that quality. 

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Consider the time where you’ll shop 

The best time to shop for your furniture is when malls have grand sales. Usually, there are mall sales during summer and Christmas. But if you really want to save, some furniture stalls in malls offer discounts at the end of every month or quarter. This is because its sales person needs to fulfill a quota or they want to have more commissions. 

Shop online 

Shopping online can save you money on furniture as well. Sometimes, there are different prices on the same item when you go shopping in online stores, especially if the item has no specific brand. You can also have vouchers when shopping in online stores. These vouchers offer your discounts. 

Shopping online is convenient too as you no longer have to go through several stores to find the cheapest item. You can search on real stores then find them on the online store so you can compare prices. However, you should be careful because there are fraudulent online sellers. You will also have to cover the delivery and shipping fee of your item. 

Should you save money on furniture?

Saving money from furniture
Saving money from furniture

Yes, you should definitely save money on furniture, but not to the point where you buy cheap furniture for the sake of saving money. Most of the time, you’ll end up replacing that fitting you bought because most of the time, cheap furniture is made from cheap materials. Over time, this method will cost you more. 

The best way to save money on furniture is by buying good quality furniture made from fine materials. When buying this furniture, you should keep in mind that it will cost money but the good news is these will last for years. Investing in this furniture is an excellent option not only because you’ll have something that will last for many years, but you can also sell it at a good price if you’re looking for a new piece. 

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