Feng Shui Tips to Attract Positive Energy in 2022

The year of the tiger is approaching and this year is perceived as a time filled with energy, perseverance, and determination. If you believe in Feng Shui, then you probably are looking for the necessary lucky charms for yourself and your home. Unlike in other cultures, you can somehow alter your faith when it comes to the Chinese zodiac. 

Feng Shui Tips this 2022
Feng Shui Tips this 2022

In the Chinese zodiac, your luck depends on the year you’re born but if ever experts tell that 2022 is going to be a rough one for you, you can counter it with charms. If you don’t believe in Chinese zodiac signs, that is okay. On the other hand, you want to have a more prosperous year, you can add certain elements to your home design. 

From the layout, color, and balance, there are Feng Shui principles that you can apply to home designs. Some charms are not expensive too. Here are some tips on how you can increase your chances for prosperity next year. 

Lucky color for 2022 

Your lucky colors in the year of the water tiger should be in your house, clothing, footwear, and accessories. In-home decorations, the best color to apply this year represent the sea. This is easy because you’ll mostly need one shade of blue and just a supplement of the colors sandy white, deep blacks, and light green. 

These colors are not in just because it’s the year of the water tiger. In fact, these colors also signify a meaning behind them. For instance, blue is associated with water and represents honesty, communication, and blessing. But when using blue, avoid using this color on the ceiling and roof. 

According to Feng Shui experts, water might overflow once reaching a maximal level to the point where it destroys everything on its path. 

Eliminate bad elements on your home 

This year, you don’t want certain elements on your home because they either attract bad spirits or repel good spirits from entering your home. This year, you might want to place the bed anywhere but under a window. Leaving the house cluttered can attract bad spirits, so you have to regularly clean your house and make sure that everything is in place. 

You should also avoid broken windows, screens, and doors in the year of the water tiger. Water leaks on the roof and a door at the end of a long hallway can indicate bad luck. Good thing that Camella makes its house and lots with value-for-money and quality so that won’t be a problem if you decided to get your first home here. 

On the other hand, there are objects that you can add at home to attract good spirits. Some of these objects are mirrors, crystals, lights, fishes, chimes, and water fountains. 

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Placement of furniture 

The hardest part in Feng Shui is placing the furniture in proper places to attract good fortune. If some of the furniture in your home are too heavy, you can buy charms to counter bad spirits. But for starters, you should place the sofa and armchairs in a direction where you won’t see the door directly. 

On the other hand, your TV should be placed in an area where positive energy flows freely. According to Feng Shui experts, the TV is an energy amplifier of energy that’s why it’s best to place it on areas abundant with it. For mirrors, it is best if you place them face to face with a window if your window shows a natural landscape view. 

If not, make sure that something beautiful is reflected in the mirror. This could be plants, paintings, family pictures, or anything that you can associate with positive energy. 

Plants and flowers 

Plants and flowers are good ornaments to add to your home during the year of the water tiger because they emit life and energy. According to Feng Shui, the best plants to have for happiness and success are Paeonia Peregrina, Chrysanthemum, Spathiphyllum, Japanese Rose, Narcissus, Lilac, Magnolia, Lotus, and Orchid. 

There are bad plants that you should avoid too. Some plants can sting you when touched. In Chinese culture, this is considered as bad luck. Some of these plants are cacti, roses, and bonsai trees. To play it safe, it’s better to refrain from having thorny plants inside of your home. But if you can’t get rid of them, place these plants next to the TV. These plants can help absorb negative energy in this area. 

On the other hand, never have a bonsai tree. Experts tell that they are a plant that emits negative energy because the method of maintaining them is cutting their branches and restraining their growth. This is the reason why you seldom see bonsai plants inside establishments owned by Chinese people. 

The main entrance 

One of the most important spaces of your house is the main entrance because this is where the flow of chi starts inside your home. You don’t want anything that creates obstacles on that path. And since 2022 is the year of the water tiger, hanging pictures of different bodies of water. 

A running fountain or aquarium can also help to smoothen the chi flow around the house. If you’re planning to place a fish tank, make sure that the number of fish is odd to attract more luck. Arowana, koi, and goldfish are the best fish to have because these species attract more money. 

Aquarium maintenance is also a must for luck to come into your home. The fishes need to be happy to attract positive energy and you’ll only get that by feeding them and making their aquarium clean. 

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Should you believe in Feng Shui?

Yes, if you think that Feng Shui helps you become a better person then you should believe in it. However, you should take note that everyone still has their free will and if something bad happens, Feng Shui should not serve as a scapegoat. You should also take into consideration that Feng Shui is nothing without hard work. 

Positivity this 2022
Positivity this 2022

The best way to attract positive energy is to have a positive attitude towards others and do positive things to make everyone better. The new year is a new beginning and the best way of spreading positive energy is being the definition of positivity itself. 

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