Family-Friendly Halloween Shows to Binge this Spooky Season

As we all know, Halloween is one of the yearly events that pretty much everyone is looking forward to. In the Philippines, remembering all the scary stories and terrifying tales of ghosts and other supernatural beings comes right after commemorating all the memories of our loved ones who passed away. 

The spooky season is also hyped up by the countless horror shows and some bunch of Halloween episodes that are usually being shown on TV or now being primarily featured on Netflix. The best Halloween night is often includes watching Halloween shows from night until the morning the next day. 

Since this year’s spooky season will most probably be spent at home with the whole family, it would be better to select the best Halloween movies to watch as early as now. Of course, this should be considering that kids will be watching too!

To help you, we listed down the Halloween movies that are animated films and are considered family-friendly movies.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993, Henry Selick)

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The first film on the list is The Nightmare Before Christmas, an American stop-motion animation musical movie directed by Henry Selick. Originally created as a poem written by the spooky master Tim Burton in 1982, this Halloween movie is considered as one of the great family films for all ages.

The Nightmare Before Christmas starts by saying that each holiday has its own town. For example, the so-called Halloweentown is in charge of all the Halloween preparation. The Halloweentown’s most prominent citizen is a skeleton named Jack Skellington, who has a strong desire to discover a new zest for life. Then one day, upon entering a wrong path, he finds himself in the middle of all the preparations for Christmas – a more important holiday that almost everybody is enjoying more than Halloween. He then proceeds to engineer a scheme in which Santa Clause is kidnapped and in which he will be taking up Christmas

This Halloween movie is definitely a classic for a reason. This film appears to be for children, but it contains adult-relevant lessons. One of which is that after making a mistake, whether consciously or unconsciously, you always have to find ways to set things right. Though some may argue that this is a Christmas movie, it also carries the Halloween spirit that makes it part of the greatest Halloween movies ever made.

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The Corpse Bride (2005, Tim Burton and Mike Johnson)

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Another one of the classic Halloween movies from by Tim Burton is The Corpse Bride, which is equally visually spectacular. Contrary to what the title would immediately suggest, this Halloween movie is not your typical macabre horror story. It is but a sweet and visually lovely tale about a love lost. 

The film’s plot is centered on the story of Victor (Voiced by Johnny Depp), a terribly uncomfortable young man who is about to engage in an arranged marriage with Victoria Everglot, a high-society woman whom he has never even spoken to.

After messing up his wedding rehearsals, he went into the woods while practicing his vows. When everything seems to go well, he realizes that he accidentally recited his vows to a corpse, Emily (Helena Bonham Carter). Before he even knows it, his new, dead bride takes him to the Land of the Dead while his living fiancé is desperately waiting for him in the Land of the Living. 

With two brides pining for him, the excitement to know who Victor will marry heightens up. 

In this animated Halloween movie, we see how the characters display a willingness to go for far for love, to overcome struggles, and to claim peace over their past. While others might consider this film as something too dark for children, it cannot be denied that it also brims with valuable life lessons about love, overcoming anxieties, and maturity. 

Where to watch The Corpse Bride in the Philippines: Netflix, HBO Max, Google Play Movies, iTunes

 Monster House (2006, Gil Kenan)

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You are doing yourself a huge disadvantage this spooky season if you would not watch Gil Kenan’s colorful animated film Monster House. Although the film bills itself as a children’s horror film, it has a surprising amount of mature content that examines the fine line between love and loss.

Monster House revolves around three children DJ, Chowder, and Jenny as they attempt to rid the violent, haunted house just across the street of what they believe to be the soul of their crotchety, old neighbor, Mr. Nebbercracker. 

With less than 24 hours to go, the children must act quickly as the house intends to harm innocent trick-or-treating children that knock on its front door on Halloween night.

The Monster House is a scary movie worth watching, considering all of its thriller aspects and superb animation by presenting stylized characters and realistic surroundings.

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 Frankenweenie (2012, Tim Burton)

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Another hit movie directed by Tim Burton is titled Frankenweenie, a 3D black-and-white stop-motion animated comedy picture. Frankenweenie is based on a short film he made in 1984, which is also inspired by his real life experiences growing up. 

At the center of this bizarre story is Victor (voiced by Charlie Tahan), a lonely boy whose only friend is his hyperactive dog Sparky. They live in the suburbs and get the impression that they are in another world. Victor would usually use his time in his attic lab conducting scientific experiments.

When his straight-arrow parents (Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara) watch his newest home video – a horror movie — he gets a tiny little bit of pleasure. However, they would want to see him participate in school athletics and other extracurricular activities.

When Sparky is hit by a car and killed, Victor is devastated. But then he recalls a presentation by his new science instructor, Mr. Rzykruski (Martin Landau), in which he utilized electricity to animate a frog’s legs. 

Inspired by the presentation, this hardworking and resourceful young man is determined to resurrect Sparky. Victor completes his objective using lightning and a variety of things. Victor’s relationship with Sparky is endearing, and we wish him well as he brings his beloved friend back to life for a few more days of fun and adventure.

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Honorable Mention Family-Friendly Halloween Movies and Series

  • Trese: For lovers of Philippine folklore and mythology.
  • The Addams Family: A classic family Halloween night movie to watch with your teenagers.
  • Coco: A tearjerker from Disney and Pixar that kids and adults alike would appreciate.
  • Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!: A Halloween special of the classic 1960s animated series loved by many generations.

 It is certainly getting dark early in October. There is a chill in the air, and it always seems like a good time to put on a classic horror movie for a fun spooky night. Choose any film from this list the next time you want a movie fright – rather movie night – at home, even with your kids around. 

When everything goes back to normal, and movie watching can be done in cinemas, may we remember all the memorable moments like a simple Halloween binge-watching at home. 

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