Why Green Living Is A Rising Home Trend

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It is undeniable that the pandemic has negatively impacted our lives. Given that, it is quite impossible to look past them and see a silver lining. But if there is one good thing this pandemic has brought us, it is the few moments of rest for the planet. A few months after the worldwide lockdown, news of our planet’s healing has gone viral all over the internet, and netizens naturally celebrated after hearing it.  

However, the earth faces deeper environmental problems that need more than just a few months to solve. With the icebergs melting and the temperature and sea levels risings, it is high time for the people to be conscious. Now more than ever, it is crucial to be aware of how we impact our most valuable home, the earth. 

The mandatory community quarantine imposed restrictions on the outdoors. Under lockdown, people have learned to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and other green practices. They have dedicated their time to growing all kinds of plants within their house and lots at home. Some started planting their own vegetables, and others went as far as raising farm animals for their personal consumption. 

Though this may simply be seen as a trend, it is a bandwagon with actual benefits. Here are some of the reasons one should consider switching to a greener lifestyle.

It creates a healthy environment

Savannah, Camella’s master planned community in Iloilo

The word ‘green’ has become synonymous with being healthy lately. But what does living in a green environment do to people? As the saying goes, a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy home. Living in a clean environment promotes better air quality, improves concentration, lowers stress levels, and enhances life. 

The World Health Organization reports that almost a quarter of all diseases worldwide are influenced by the environment one lives in. These are illnesses that could have been avoided in a cleaner environment. But not everybody can choose the place they live in, so their next best resort is to transform their house and lot into healthier spaces. There are many ways to earn in a safe environment without moving far from life’s conveniences.  

One can start by cultivating plants that produce air-purifying properties to ensure that their home has good air quality. But beyond growing greens in your house and lot’s backyard, an environment-friendly lifestyle also means being mindful of the home products you buy. Consider choosing more durable home merchandise instead of disposable ones. Start integrating the smallest eco-friendly practices into your life by opting for metal and bamboo straws. You may also want to shift to portable metal cutlery, recyclable plastic, or bamboo toilet paper and wipes, to name a few. 

Master planned developers like Camella now also give their homeowners the option to have integrated waste bins for segregation for their house and lots. Called Eco-Bins, this new offering from Camella is a convenient, sanitary, and aesthetic addition to its house and lots for sale. On top of these, Camella’s master planned communities are often found in areas where residents can enjoy nature’s best offerings without living far from their lifestyle needs.

It helps relieve stress.

Multiple studies have shown that living in crowded places with an uncontrollable hustle and bustle can increase a person’s stress level. People living in the middle of cities have a greater risk of having mental and physical health problems than rural areas. Most notable is the level of loneliness, isolation, and stress.  

Have you ever asked yourself why people take a break in isolated islands or in the countryside? It is because there is no substitute for the calm and peace that nature offers. Scenic ocean and mountain views are relaxing to the eyes and mind. Going back to nature is also an escape from all the city lights, pollution, and busy metro streets.  

A 2021 study concluded that looking at nature or greeneries increases a person’s parasympathetic nervous system’s activity. This then enables a person to relax. It is uncommon to see people take a vacation and spend it in cities. Most would want to get as far as they can away from the city. 

People would want to see everything under the sun quite literally. Aside from the fun and stress-relief aspect of a beach or countryside trip, Vitamin D is another perk to look forward to. Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins that the human body needs. Most working professionals are cooped up in their busy offices and workspaces that they forget to soak under the sun’s rays, even for a few minutes.

It promotes waste reduction.

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

Living a green lifestyle means following the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and 5Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Refuse, Rot) religiously. Plastic is an unavoidable enemy that people often use daily for convenience. As much as one can, it is best to avoid the use of plastic at every opportunity. This may seem hard at the beginning, but it can be achieved by making it a habit. 

For plastics that you have already used, think of ways you can upcycle them. An empty plastic, for example, can be used as a DIY plant pot. Do not throw away your old books, newspapers, and magazines. Instead, donate them to libraries and bookstores in your area. Electronics, spray cans, old CDs, batteries, and even shoes are all recyclable. The trash bin should be one’s last resort when doing away with things they do not want. Try donating your stuff to the nearest foundation or recycling facility first. 

Camella’s Eco-Bins is a great addition to your house and lot for your community’s overall cleanliness, sanitation, and sustainability. This is one of Camella’s ways to promote proper waste segregation while ensuring its communities are clean and healthy.

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Camella’s Eco-Bins

With the pandemic’s threat still looming, it is important that we preserve our physical and mental at home. This return to nature is people acknowledging the value of a healthy environment for their families. The shift into an eco-friendly is an overhaul of one’s daily habits, and the pandemic provided the opportunity for people to re-evaluate their practices. Although green practices feel overwhelming, the small changes in everyone’s daily lives could create a significant impact on our environment in the long run. 

Keep your family safe in these uncertain times. Check out Camella’s healthy home offerings to learn more about how you can augment your family and your home’s safety.

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