Millennials, The Struggle Is Real But The Solution Is Here

When you were probably a student, you thought all struggles would end after graduation. Unfortunately, it’s a big NO. Facing the realities of the world today, you can only sigh because the challenges are never-ending. Below is a list of the daily struggles and the most-awaited  solution is on its way.

 Traffic. Top problem in the country today is the congestion of cars not only in Metro Manila but in almost all metro cities all over the Philippines. The long highway of EDSA is still unbeatable in the top spot. You can probably say it’s turning into a huge parking lot especially during rush hours of 7AM and 5PM.

 Budget. You might not admit it, but there is always a time when you open your wallet and all you can do is wonder why everything is gone. When you have no money, you think money will solve all your problems. But when you have money in your hands, the problems are still the same. It seems like your money is not enough for all your needs and wants.

 Slow internet connection. This is not new because our country has the slowest speed in terms of internet connection. You will have to wait for a few seconds until the photo or video is displayed. We are used to it and maybe that’s the reason why we spend so much time online. Because the connections require you to wait long, you end up using the internet for hours.

Exhausting. When you live everyday facing these issues it’s hard to find a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Even your homes might not give you a genuine rest because you will need to travel far and spend much when you go home.

But the solution is coming to 25 metros of the country. Camella Condo Homes is coming in Antipolo, Bacolod, Bacoor, Baliuag, Bataan, Bohol, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Caloocan, Davao City, Dumaguete, General Santos, Iloilo, Imus, Las Piñas, Legazpi, Lipa, Mactan, Palawan, Pampanga, Subic, Tagaytay, Taguig, Tagum and Talisay, Cebu.

Experience a distinct and new generation COHO lifestyle. Relax and escape from traffic because we are located in metros near your workplace and you can get faster connections with exclusive Wi-Fi in Coffee Project. The good news is, our units are affordable for millenials like you and it’s at their lowest price now because we are pre-selling.

Want to know more about Camella Condo Homes? Talk to us by calling 02-CAMELLA or you can directly reach us at 0998 225 2254 or 0926 915 9138.

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