The Difference Between Millennials and Gen Z

Understanding the differences between Millennials and Generation Z will let you learn the best qualities among the two.

The Generation Z and Millennials
The Generation Z and Millennials

We all know that time is fast and because of this, the freshest young faces of the workforce change before the blink of your eyes. The workforce is among the most powerful forces in the country because they dictate the country’s economy. This is why advertisers and companies target these markets. 

Nowadays, these institutions mostly focus on millennials when it comes to selling and advertising these products. What they don’t know is that the generation next in line, Generation Z (Gen Z/zoomers), is already a part of the workforce a few years ago. Although most Gen Zs are in their teens, the oldest zoomers are already in the working class. 

By having a background on these generations, everyone can understand how these people live than the others. For companies, this can expand their markets. And for parents, this can be a huge step in understanding their children more. 

Who is the Generation Z?

Who is Generation Z or Gen Z
Who is Generation Z or Gen Z

Generation Z is the demographic cohort that is born between the early 1996 to mid-2000s, depending on your source. Other people state that Gen Z ends in 2010. In this generation, there is a bracket called the “zennials”. Zennial is the term used for someone born between 1996-1999. These people are like the hybrid between millennials and Gen Z, they even possess the same qualities. 

What are the Differences between Millennials and Gen Z?

Zoomers are More Realistic

In terms of work, zoomers are more realistic when it comes to opportunity. On the other hand, millennials are more optimistic when it comes to working. During this pandemic alone, more Gen Z is quitting their jobs to find new opportunities. Unlike previous generations, zoomers do not necessarily believe in company loyalty. 

And according to one survey, 77% of Gen Z are expected to work harder than previous generations, and not for the right reasons. Gen Z will work harder because of the declining economy. And when it comes to job opportunities, zoomers are looking for a workplace that offers growth opportunities than a higher salary. 

Zoomers are More Independent than Millennials

Millennials have a culture of collaboration when it comes to the workplace and other responsibilities. However, this trend is slowly shifting now that more zoomers are joining the workforce. From a culture of collaboration and teamwork, Gen Z believes in independence and prefers to do tasks on their own. 

According to an interview with David and Jonah Stillman, authors, Gen Z @ Work: How the Next Generation Is Transforming the Workplace, zoomers believe that you should do it yourself if you want something. If you think about it, this perfectly aligns with their desire of growing as a person. 

Think about it, you won’t need to collaborate with anyone if your skillset is broad. Now that everyone is almost working from home, you should expect that this trend would not decline. 

Zoomers are Technological Natives

Generation Z and Millennials using Technology
Generation Z and Millennials using Technology

Another key difference between zoomers and millennials is how they are brought to this technological world. Millennials are born in a world without social media and computers but witnessed its evolution. On the other hand, Gen Zs are born into a world with this technology. They’re even called tech natives. 

This circumstance is a double-edged sword. On one hand, this means that zoomers are more self-reliant and pragmatic to the point where they need minimal management. On the other, zoomers have a difficult time multitasking because their attention span is affected by smartphones and modern technology

Moreover, Gen Z might know the ins and outs of the internet, but they don’t know the physical components of how the system or even their computer works. 

Zoomers are More Emotional than Millennials 

Among other generations, zoomers have been reported to be the ones that mostly go to therapy. According to the report released by the American Psychiatric Association, 37% of zoomers have gone to therapy, two percent more than their millennial counterparts. One of the reasons for this trend is mental health awareness. 

Unlike previous generations, zoomers are ending the stigma when it comes to mental health problems. Gen Zs are more likely to identify their problem and seek the help they need. It’s not that millennials do not do this, it’s just that the number of people more concerned about their mental health is higher than before. 

The Solution to Millennials’ Struggles

The Millennial Struggle Is Real But The Solution Is Here

Investing for Millennials
Investing for Millennials

Zoomers Believe in On-demand Learning 

Unlike boomers and Gen X, millennials and Gen Z both believe that there are other ways of getting a good education than paying for expensive tuition fees. The difference between zoomers and millennials however is how they approach education. It was said earlier that millennials love collaboration and zoomers love independence when it comes to working. This is not the case when it comes to learning. 

In terms of education, Gen Zs believe in a collaborative approach where everyone’s learning speed matters. On the other hand, millennials believe in a setting that everyone should learn at the same pace. Gen Z also believes that they should pursue on-demand learning tools such as online tutorials, online courses, and development training from their employers. 

Zoomers have a Different Fashion Sense 

It’s easy to assume that millennials and Gen Z has the same fashion sense since zennials are closely influenced by millennial fashion as well. However, if you look at the younger zoomers (born in 2003-present), you would notice their difference. For example, millennials love pattern-clashing while Gen Zs prefer going to two separate colors. 

In terms of aesthetics, you won’t see any millennial wearing Y2K fashion, unlike zoomers. For them, this aesthetic seems more of a throwback and they’ve already worn it when they were younger. On the other hand, zoomers think that the Y2K aesthetic is considered vintage that is why this is their preferred style. 

Why is Learning their Difference Important?

Learning the difference between the two youngest generations in the world sets you on a better viewpoint. It can make your life better by being able to adjust comfortably in a dynamic world ruled by the young. Learning a thing or two about zoomers can also make the older generations understand how they behave and what their beliefs are. 

Admit it or not, millennials are no longer the youngest group in the world because the oldest millennials will approach their 40s in this decade. Meanwhile, zoomers are in the middle of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Zoomers are the new “young adults” now whether we like it or not. 

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