Maximizing Sleep at Home

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Yes, you sleep. But are you well-rested?

Sleep is one of the most vital elements of a human’s overall health and well-being. Getting enough sleep will make one feel better and renewed and help in their mental health. Many times, sleep is neglected and overlooked, especially by the urban populace. There is just too much time focused on working and socializing that only little is left for sleep.  

Because of the ongoing rise of COVID-19 cases, many are experiencing pandemic anxiety, affecting the amount of sleep they get every day. A lot has changed since the past year. There have been many canceled travel plans and celebrations. On top of that are constantly being cautious of other people, worrying over loved ones, shortage of public transportation, working from home, and many more. These concerns may subconsciously affect one’s anxiety and ruin the essence of sleep. 

Although several factors affect one’s sleep efficiency, it is different for every person. Here is a list of general suggestions that might help reduce one’s sleepless nights.

Move Your Body

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Exercising has been proven to have multiple physical health benefits, including the reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. But does it help you sleep better? The answer is, it might. There have been studies in the past that examined the correlation between sleep and exercise. Results vary, but most suggest that insufficient sleep can lead to a lower amount of physical activity on the next days. 

It is best to be in an environment that allows one to have the most physical activities. For instance, Camella’s master planned communities are full of wide paved roads, perfect for morning joggers and taking pets out for a walk. Because Camella’s communities are surrounded by greeneries and refreshing landscapes, homeowners can breathe in the fresh air every day and lead a healthier life quality.

Division Between Sleep and Work

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This pandemic has put many, if not all of us, at home. People are now working within their house and lots. This might be a difficult transition for those who are comfortable working in their offices. The true challenge is a combination of time management and proper work-sleep division. One should avoid working in their room or on their bed because these spaces should only be associated with rest and sleep. 

Designate a space specifically for working and minimize going to bedrooms. In Camella’s Grande house and lot offerings, space is abundant. One will not have to worry about allocating space for different activities, including spaces for work, relaxation, get-togethers, and fun music sessions!

Stop and Listen

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When relaxing, some people prefer listening to relaxing piano music while others prefer a different genre. Each person has a different taste in music. When it comes to relaxation, there are also a variety of ways to relax. Music is a widely known remedy for stress and to calm the mind. Try to listen to some of your favorite songs and if it does not work, listen to calming podcasts. This process is a trial and error because it is really just personal preference at the end of the day.  

In Camella’s house offerings, the balcony is the perfect spot to take a break-in, breathe in the fresh air, and gaze upon the relaxing view the subdivision has to offer. 

Drown It Out

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The hustle and bustle of the metro might not be for everyone. Dr. Lisa Wolfe, a sleep specialist, said that noise is one of the biggest factors in challenging sleeping peacefully in the city. Especially for those living in apartments in the middle of the city, street noise is not avoidable. Noisy neighbors, loud car engines, dogs barking, and the chatter of people in the streets are every night obstacles one face. 

One solution for this is to wear earplugs when sleeping. If these earplugs make you uncomfortable, investing in a pair of quality headphones that drown out unwanted sounds is also a good option. 

You may also opt for a more elaborate setup to block outside noise, installing noise-canceling acoustic panels on walls to completely blackout the noise from outside. 

Rest Your Eyes

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Everyone likes to scroll through their Facebook timeline, catch up on their favorite YouTuber, or look at gorgeous photos on Instagram, but there must be limits to these. Blue light, the light emitted by smartphones, may help daylight but can be harmful at night.  

Human bodies have biological clocks called the “circadian rhythm.” This clock naturally regulates sleep cycles. Night lights, blue lights, or any kind of artificial light inside homes during the night can disrupt this natural cycle. To sleep faster and better, one should avoid using laptops, phones, or anything that emits blue light at least an hour before bedtime. If it is inevitable to use these gadgets before bedtime, use anti-blue light eyeglasses to protect your eyes. 

When sleeping in a secure community like Camella, every homeowner would not have to worry about physical threats. With SmartHome’s advanced technology and security, families are safe and sound. Now that is one less thing to worry about.

Sleep is often just an option, especially for non-working people. Though the idea of staying awake until dawn binging your favorite TV shows sound appealing, sleeping at random times will not make up for lost sleep. Inconsistent sleep can alter your circadian rhythm and make you feel lethargic the next morning.  

Adults require about seven to nine hours of sleep every day to function properly and be refreshed. Being well-rested has a positive impact on work efficiency, stress levels, moods, and over-all state of body and mind. With this, it is important to dive deeper into why one’s seeping pattern is distorted. Thankfully, there are solutions to lack of sleep without having to consult professionals. However, suppose the lack of sleep is severe. In that case, it is advisable to visit a professional who will conduct an analysis and provide a solution. 

In a pandemic, getting a good night’s sleep is a necessity coming off as a luxury that most cannot afford. During these trying times, health should be the number one priority. Everyone should play their roles in making sure they keep themselves and their loved ones safe. No one knows what might happen next, so it is better to prepare and be cautious in advance. 

In Camella’s master-planned communities, homeowners are assured of safe and peaceful sleep. Find out more about the country’s trusted house and lot developer’s healthy home offerings here.

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