How to Live with People with Opposing Political Views

Politics is a very sensitive topic and talking about it can be heated at times. Now that the national Philippine elections are on the way, you cannot avoid talking about this topic. There is someone home or at work who does not share the same sentiment as you when it comes to political beliefs. Having a difference when it comes to political views is normal because each individual is different. 

How to Live with People of Different Political Views
How to Live with People of Different Political Views

Although, there are times when you can feel the elephant in the room because of these political views. This is worse if you try to get to every comment section of a news article. Other people even make political views as a preference when choosing their potential partners. The good news is, despite your differences, there are ways that you can live and even love people with political views opposing yours. 

This article is in no way encouraging people to vote for a certain politician, but how to manage to be in a healthy household or relationship with people having different views. 

Have an Open Mind 

Talking about politics can be emotional for both parties. Even if you disagree with a person, it is best if both of you would have an open mind instead of trying to outsmart each other. There might be a chance for you to learn new things from another person’s perspective even if you disagree with their position. 

Instead of debating, you should come into the conversation with humility and an open mind. Remember, people do not like it when you try to make them feel low for their choices. If they use a negative tactic or fallacies during this conversation, do not engage in this type of argumentation. Arguing is easy but loving is a more radical option for these situations. 

How to Handle Gatherings 

Gatherings are also one thing that’s hard to handle when your family has different views regarding politics. Other people try to go to their relatives who they agree with politically but this can only provide more division within the family. This might sound like a play-safe option but the best thing to do here is to not discuss politics during gatherings. 

You don’t need to confront anyone about the presidential candidate they are rooting for or their social media posts. It’s a family gathering, ask them about their life or how they are doing. At the end of the day, your relationship as a family is much more important than proving another person wrong. 

Social Media 

Social media offers the benefit of seeing what’s going on with your family. However, this tool can be a double-edged sword as it can be used as a platform for campaigns. The best way to avoid conflicts with regard to politics is to wait for 24 hours before posting or commenting on something on your social media feed. 

That 24 hours will give you all the time you need to think if that person is worth your time. And if ever you decide to engage, you can have your composure and keep your tone in a nice, neutral manner. And if someone uses foul language or disrespect, the best thing to do is back off because it’s not worth it. 

However, the best option you can have is becoming apolitical in social media. This does not mean that you should not engage or be concerned with current events but refrain from posting them on social media. 

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Try to Find a Common Ground 

We all want a better Philippines for the sake of our future children and grandchildren. The last thing that will make that future possible is a division between the people because of opposing political views. Instead of quarreling on why your chosen presidential candidate is better, the better thing to do is determine the similarities you have with that family member. 

For example, if you both agree that no one should be left hungry on the streets, you can both participate in non-partisan feeding programs to have a contribution towards solving the problem you both want to address. While dismissing someone’s false claims with facts feels great, working with them towards a common goal feels much better.

Block or Unfollow Them 

Sometimes, avoiding and ignoring them just won’t cut it. Now that the Philippine elections 2022 are near, it’s normal to unfollow or block certain friends and family members for a short time. If you are going to do this, tell them that you love them and you’re about to cut them off on social media for a while so disagreements won’t happen. Make sure to add them back once the elections are over. 

They’re More than the People they Support 

You might hear the phrase “you are who you support” and “politics is the way you see the world”. While this is true, we should all remember that our humanity comes first before our political views. What you should consider in a person are their values, the way they treat other people, and how they are moral. 

People can say that they are on the right side of things until you see their actions. A person with opposing views who do good for their family and community is way better than a person who is on the same side as you but displays a bad character. 

Should you Engage in Politics?

You might think that politics does not affect you. However, this is far from the truth. You should engage in discussions as politics affect almost everything in your life. The only element that you should avoid from politics is its toxicity. As a responsible citizen, the greatest contribution you can do for this country is to vote this May

Your partner or relatives will love you no matter what your political views are. Having differences not just in politics is part of being in a household. Instead of seeing this as a threat, you should see this as an opportunity for a healthy discussion. Who knows, you might even convince them in having the same views as you. 

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