Festivals in Tagum City this 2023

Ugmad Festival Photo from Tagum Photographer in Facebook
Ugmad Festival Photo from Tagum Photographer in Facebook

Tagum, the capital of Davao del Norte. This city has been known as the “Palm Tree City of the Philippines” due to its abundance of palm trees, which can be seen in various settings across the city. In the late 2000s, the local government unit’s efforts to plant 11,511 Royal Palm Trees of different species, including the Royal Palm, Red, Palm, and Bunga Palm, among others.

Today, Tagum is considered a highly urbanized city and one of the most child-friendly cities in the country. Tagum’s economy ranks third in the nation, and its infrastructure developments as fourth because of its competitive components. Tagum is indeed a trade center in Mindanao, just like Davao City.

Aside from palm trees, Tagum City is known in Mindanao for its festivities and celebration throughout the year, earning the moniker “The City of Festivals” because Tagum City celebrates a festival almost every month. If you ever wish to celebrate festivals in this city, here are the following festivals in Tagum. 

January – Taxpayers Festival

To celebrate the taxpayers’ efforts in the city, the government of Tagum City has an annual Taxpayers Festival held every January. This celebration commemorates the taxpayers for being integral to the city’s economic and infrastructure development. During this month-long Festival, the local government teaches the citizens of Tagum about running their enterprises and different areas of business processing. 

February – Love Festival 

February is known as the love month because of Valentine’s Day. In accordance with this celebration, the government of Tagum also has a celebration called the Love Festival. The Festival of Love is celebrated in Tagum City to emphasize the importance of love, marriage, and romance in the community. The highlight of this Festival is the “Kasalan sa Tagum,” where couples of legal age can get married for free. 

March – Tagumpay, Musikahan, and Hugpong Serbisyo para sa Tagumenyo Festival 

March is a busy time for Tagum City as three festivals are held in this fantastic city. One of these festivals is the Tagumpay Festival, a celebration of the city’s victories that include the Araw ng Tagum, the City of Tagum’s State of the City Address, civic fun parade, the Mutya ng Tagum, and the Tagumpay Awards.

On the other hand, the Musikahan Festival is considered as one of the most anticipated festivals in Tagum City. This has been celebrated since 1999 as Tagum aims to be Davao’s music capital. During the Musikahan Festival, Tagum City honors the passion for music of Filipinos, and musical acts from all across the Philippines showcase their musical prowess.

Aside from the two festivals mentioned, agumenyos also celebrate Hugpong Serbisyo Para Sa Tagumenyos Festival in Tagum in March. During this Festival, free social and health services such as minor surgeries, dental checkups, and circumcisions. 

May – Youth Festival and Pakaradyan Festival 

In May, a festival known as the Youth Festival is held. At this Festival, young people between the ages of 15 and 30 are given opportunities to demonstrate their talents, and exceptional youth organizations are honored during this celebration. 

During June, the Pakaradyan Festival is held. This Festival is a showcase for the Muslim Cultural Community of the several Tribes that live in Tagum City, presenting their traditions and cultures individually.

June – Binuhat Festival 

Tagum City is genuinely inclusive to all sexualities as there is Binuhat Festival this June. Tagum City’s celebration of gender equality, gender expression, and the rights of the gay community.

This festival dedicated for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community involves pageants, motorcades, pride parades, and other events throughout the month. Now that ideas cross borders easily, Tagum opened its arms to the LGBT community.

August – Ugmad Festival 

The Ugmad Festival is a celebration that recognizes the farmers, fisherfolk, and livestock owners responsible for maintaining the city’s food security. During this Festival, there is a carabao parade, farming demonstration, agri trade fair, sale of local produce and livestock for a lower price. 

September – Handurawan Festival and Lingkod Bayan Festival 

The National Grandparents Day in the Philippines is held every September. In line with this, the Tagum City government celebrates the Handurawan Festival this month to celebrate and show gratitude to the beloved elders of the community.

Another festival celebrated during this month is the Lingkod Bayan Festival. This Festival takes place every September to commemorate National Civil Service Month. The Festival focuses on public servant heroes dedicated to serving the public good while maintaining high professionalism, patriotism, and sincerity.

October – Kahimunan Festival and Scouting Festival 

During the Kahimunan Festival (also known as kaimonan festival), the Indigenous People get together to share their history, customs, and culture in accordance with the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act. Tagumenyos witness a cultural exhibition of songs, rituals, and cuisine during this Festival. 

On the other hand, The Scouting Festival is an event in October that Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from both public and private schools attend. Representatives from different educational institutions are gathered to celebrate this special event.

November – Children’s Festival

November is considered National Children’s Month. Because of this, the Tagum City government celebrates an annual Children’s Festival in November. This Festival has contests, awards, games, and other activities to showcase the skills and talents of Tagum City’s children. 

December – Bisag Asa Festival 

The Bisag Asa Festival is an event that honors the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) of Tagum City. During this Festival, government officials and OFWs gather together in this thanksgiving Festival. 

A decade ago, Tagum also celebrated the International Rondalla Festival and Durian Festival during February and August, but there are no further plans of celebrating this event again.

Living in Tagum City 

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