Struggling to get back on track? Follow these post-holiday fitness tips

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For sure, everyone had their fair share of festivities during the holiday season. Noche Buena and Media Noche are two of the most celebrated holidays in the Philippines, and these will only be complete with our favorite foods. The downside of eating holiday meals is, of course, gaining weight. 

Even fitness influencers, such as Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, encourage people to stop worrying about the calories consumed during the holidays, as this happens only once a year. While this is true, you cannot deny that jumping back on track in your fitness journey is difficult now that your body has been accustomed to being satiated and relaxed. Here is a guide to your first workout after holidays.

Why is working out difficult after the holidays?

Going back to the gym or even running is hard after the holidays because your body is already accustomed to deconditioning after a few days without exercise. Another contributor to this behavior is the climate. 

The holidays are mostly relaxing due to the cold climate. Your body needs more energy during this season, making it work overtime. Also, the cozy feeling of just staying in bed is a factor in why people will only work out after the holidays. 

While some people go to the gym during the first to the second week of January, they are usually just there for a short period. Most of these people would either go to the gym to burn holiday calories or start their New Year’s resolution of getting fit before returning to their old routine. 

You want to keep all your progress in 2023. The start of the new year is a great motivator to get those gains. Here are some steps to get back to your fitness routine slowly. 

Don’t beat yourself up about it

It would be best if you weren’t too hard on yourself for your decisions during the holidays, whether indulging in unhealthy food or skipping your workouts. Put away any unfavorable emotions and be open to a new beginning. As you embark on your new fitness adventure, you will also be able to monitor your progress and evaluate the results.

Saying that your efforts are wasted will only lead to a snowball effect of not trying again and eventually being out of shape. What you need to do is use the holidays as an inspiration to start training again. It’s been weeks since the holidays, and you should start focusing on your fitness goals again. 

Remember, it takes around 3000 calories to gain just one lb. of fat. It would be best to relax and not think that those holiday calories would adversely affect your body. 

If you’ve gained weight and neglected your fitness program for a while, start by celebrating your accomplishments in achieving a healthy lifestyle instead of punishing yourself.

Plan your steps ahead

You will find it easier to maintain your motivation as you track your progress if you write down your fitness objectives and goals and keep them in a visible place. There are various fitness applications available that can assist you along the road. 

However, a pen and paper will also do the trick! Please put it on the refrigerator as a constant reminder to keep pushing yourself to do better. Make a plan for your daily activities. One of the best things to list in your fitness priorities is your workout split, rest days, and dieting with proper nutrients. 

Inappropriate management of fitness goals can hinder your progress, so don’t forget to plan ahead.

Start slowly to regain momentum 

When it comes to hitting the gym again, you shouldn’t jump right back into your most challenging routines. During the first week back to the gym, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to lift your maximum weight, and run your fastest mile, as these can lead to over-fatigue or even injuries. 

It would be best if you started working out with lower intensity and and lift light weights before moving forward. This will help you remain more motivated and consistent in your exercise and help your body adjust slowly. Remember, it’s better to stay slow and consistent than to go all out and eventually give up. 

Reasonable long-term goals can be broken down into a number of manageable short-term goals, such as reducing one percent of one’s body fat, increasing one percent of one’s muscle mass, or just exercising five days in a row without missing a beat. After a week of overindulgence, getting back on track is your primary goal.

Don’t forget to do your stretching

It would be best if you remembered to stretch before and after the workout. Stretching, even for just ten or fifteen minutes, can help you get the most out of your training and ensure that you won’t be feeling stiff for the next session you have. Stretching can also be an excellent warm-up for your workout. 

Push yourself to be better

Challenging yourself and progressive overload is an integral part of the exercise routine. Yes, it would be best if you slowly returned to the gym after the holidays. However, this does not mean that you will be stagnant in your progress in strength training or resistance training. This is the time to push yourself to be better. 

The good news is that you won’t lose muscle or gain a tremendous amount of fat in just two weeks of not exercising. In no time, you will be able to lift weights or run kilometers the way you used to once you push yourself more in every workout. 

Perks of living in green, active spaces

You have an advantage if you live in an area with jogging areas or pocket parks because you can start working out right away, even just by walking thirty minutes a day. As mentioned earlier, you need to start slow in your workouts, and these areas can help you regain confidence in working out. 

All Camella Tagum Trails community residents are welcome to utilize the community’s amenities, such as the clubhouse and nearby running pathways, to help you with your fitness journey. Another way Camella Tagum can help your fitness journey is that you can easily access fitness gyms near your area. 

You should not feel guilty for having fun during the holidays. However, the holidays are over, and it’s time to get back to work again. 

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