Here Are Reasons Why Tagum Is the Next Big City

Looking for a home in Davao? Here are reasons why Tagum City is the next big thing in property investments down south.

Have you ever heard of a place with a Beverly Hills-California-like street view? Or a city that celebrates festivals for the LGBTQ+ community, music, culture, and agriculture? Imagine living in an area with one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. Not to mention an award-winning city for its good governance and quality of life. Good thing the City of Tagum has got you.

Why Live in Tagum City
Why Live in Tagum City / Photo by S5switch at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0

What is Tagum City known for?

Tagum City is the capital of Davao del Norte province. It serves as a significant economic crossroads connecting various areas within the Davao Region, becoming a melting pot. Indeed, this city lives by its famous tagline ‘Tagum, Tagumpay!’ In fact, the city has many labels, including Palm City, City of Festivals, and City of Golden Opportunities. Furthermore, it is also the Music Capital of the South, The Little Green Singapore of the South, City of Harmony, and the City of Parks. 

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What is life like in Tagum City?

When traveling to the city for the first time, the very first thing you’ll notice is the neatly lined palm trees along the sides of the roads. All the city’s major streets and parks were adorned with eleven different species of palm trees. Such display earned the city its title as the Palm City of the South. 

The locals often dubbed the entrance to the city “The Royal Entrance” for its California-like feeling that commands visitors’ attention. After that, you’ll encounter the iconic transportation vehicle of Tagum, the Green Pedicabs, used by both locals and tourists alike. And if it’s your lucky day, you might encounter the famous dancing traffic enforcers are handling the streets while grooving to the beat of booming music! 

What establishments are in Tagum City?

Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center Photo by Philippine Times
Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center / Photo by Philippine Times

Driving downtown and along the longest flyover in Visayas and Mindanao, you will see a wide array of shopping centers, malls, and restaurants with cuisines varying from Japanese, Korean, other fusion cuisines, and the all-time Pinoy favorites. The Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center lies in the city’s heart, which comprises the Kagikan Museum, a tagumenyo heritage museum, City Library and Learning Center, and the 100-seater Tagumpay Theatre. 

What is the commercial scene in Tagum City?

Within its vicinity, the city proudly presents the Freedom Park and the statue of the country’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. And when the night starts to descend, different food carts and stalls are erect on the roadside within the park, signaling the beginning of the Tagum Night Market. From food to fashionable Ukay-Ukay, this night market covers the area from the Freedom Park to Tagum Trade Center, where more stalls and boutiques are also present. Hooray! Now, you can start your mukbang while donning your best Ukay-Ukay ensemble. Furthermore, the city is also home to different themed cafes and popped-up bars. That said, Tagum gives you the perfect options if you’re looking for nightlife. 

Are there open public spaces in Tagum?

You can exercise or buy souvenirs and local products in Davao Del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex. The said sports complex previously hosted national and international events, most notably the ASEAN Games, Batang Pinoy, and Palarong Pambansa. As a quick trivia for our K-Drama fans out there, the complex’s pool area was a filiming site for the Korean drama ‘No Breathing’ starring no other than Lee Jung Suk and Seo In Gok! Amazing, right? 

What is the nature scene in Tagum?

San Agustin Botanical Park Photo by Worldorgs
San Agustin Botanical Park in Tagum / Photo by Worldorgs

Are you a true nature-lover? San Agustin Botanical Park is the perfect spot. You can even rent a bike while strolling the vast area of Energy Park. Some may even lay table cloths on the grass and have picnics under the trees. In fact, others even play soccer and softball and hold parties here. As a matter of fact, the local government of Tagum used this exact place to host the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree in 2017, with more or less 20,000 participants all over member countries of ASEAN and other countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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10 Best Activities And Places To Try In Tagum City

Activities and Places to Try in Tagum City
Activities and Places to Try in Tagum City

Are there adventures in Tagum?

The fun in Tagum doesn’t stop there. Suppose you’re thinking of having a little city adventure. In that case, Tagum City is more than happy to offer you its various inland resorts and one of the region’s best eco-tourism destinations. With a boardwalk observatory and 8.8 km boat ride, the Tagum City River Cruise features century-old mangrove trees, soft-shelled crab feast, Muslim delicacies, and floating tiangge on a local boat called gakit. 

What are the famous landmarks in Tagum?

Are you looking for famous landmarks to visit in Tagum? In that case, you may also visit the Christ the King Cathedral, known as the largest basilica in Mindanao. This church features the giant bronze statue of the Risen Christ and the world’s largest rosary. In addition, if you still have time to spare, you may go to The New City Hall of Tagum, which houses the sculpture of the famous artist Kublai Milan. Also, take this opportunity to strike an Instagrammable pose in the sunflower garden in front of the city hall. 

What festivals are in Tagum?

As the country’s City of Festivals, Tagum City does not shy away from celebrating a bountiful harvest and any city milestone. This is quite obvious for the number of festivities which includes: Ugmad Festival, Araw ng Tagum, Kaimunan Festival, Pakaradyan Festival, Paskuhan sa Tagum, Mutya ng Tagum City and Hugpong Serbisyo para sa Tagumenyos Festival. 

Some may even plan their visit to witness the Musikahan Festival. This festival often invites local bands, music artists, and international musicians to perform and showcase their talents. And to foster inclusivity, the city annually holds the Binuhat Festival or Pride Festival. This event is especially recognized for celebrating the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community and campaigning for their equal rights. 

Why settle down in Tagum City?

Camella Tagum Trails house and lot units with garden
Camella’s master-planned community in Tagum City

Tagum is one of the best places to live in the Philippines. It ranked first in Government Efficiency, second in Resiliency, third in Overall Competitive Component Cities, fourth in Infrastructure, thirteenth in Economic Dynamism, and was also one of the finalists for Most Child-Friendly City in the country. 

Camella Homes is the largest developer of mid-priced house and lot communities in the Philippines, including Tagum City. Given the benefits of the City of Golden Opportunities and Camella properties in mind, this is the opportunity you do not want to miss.

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By: Lyra Liza Mahinay

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