The Most Ideal Condo-friendly Pets to Take Home

Condo-friendly Pets
Best Condo friendly Pets

Most condo units do not allow pets for obvious reasons; they make loud noises, lay their wastes anywhere, and they can even hurt fellow residents in some occasions. It is a saddening rule that you cannot have a fur baby inside your home but you should understand that this rule is imposed for the safety and quietness of everyone.

Fortunately, there are pet-friendly condos that allow small pets inside but what if your condo doesn’t? A number of condo units only ban dogs and cats but there’s no rule regarding other small pets, especially if these pets do not disturb anyone. If you really are an animal lover, there are some pets you can still take care of without hassle.

Here are some of the small pets you should have in non pet-friendly condos units.


Fishes | Condo-friendly Pets

Keeping fishes can either be simple or complicated, it depends on the number and species of fish that you take care of. If you want to have small pets but cannot make the effort due to your busy lifestyle, fishes are a great choice. There are even studies suggesting the health benefits of keeping a fish at home.

Besides the occasional tank clean-up, all you need to do is feed your fish daily and you’re all set. Among newbies, goldfish, guppies, and zebrafish are recommended because live in freshwater. You don’t have to start with an enormous fish tank, a small bowl aquarium with only one fish is a safer choice for beginners.


Aside from fish, another small pet you can keep in pet-friendly condos are pet turtles. Turtles don’t make sounds and are easy to take care of too. But unlike fishes, turtles can live up to a few decades if you take good care of them. If you don’t know what to feed your turtles, there are turtle food and small insects available at local stores.

For starters, you will need a 55-gallon aquarium, a UVA bulb, a water heater, an underwater canister filter, a water thermometer, and some habitat décor. Once you get your pet turtle, you should let it get used to the new surroundings of its new home for a few days. If your turtle hides most of the time or loses weight, for a few days, it’s best to consult a vet.


Rabbit | Condo-friendly Pets

Rabbits, just like dogs, are sociable small pets. If you litter-train them early on, they can roam your pet-friendly condos and just do their “business” on a litter box. Although, taking care of a rabbit requires more work compared to the two aquatic animals on this list. Unlike those, you need to feed, clean, groom, exercise, and clean your rabbit.

Rabbit waste can produce an awful smell too if you don’t know how to properly clean their cages. Yes, rabbits are easy to take care but they require effort as well, so don’t be discouraged in taking care of them. Rabbits are recommended by pair but if you choose to take care of only one, they should get neutered/spayed and you should have lots of bonding time with them.


Small birds are also common pets for people living in pet-friendly condos. If you are wishing to have birds in your condo unit, research first on what bird to have because not every birds are the same. There are birds that are big, make loud noises, or hard to train and that is for sure the last thing that you want.

You don’t want birds such as macaws and some parrot breeds in your condo unit. Instead, the better choices would be lovebirds, cockatiels, and parrotlets. Most birds are also low maintenance and the only things you need are bird feed, a cage, and water. Wastes of small birds are easy to clean too so you don’t have to worry about that.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs | Condo-friendly Pets
Guinea Pigs

Hamsters are cheaper and smaller than guinea pigs, but the downside of taking care of them are their tendencies to eat their offspring and have a very short lifespan. Guinea pigs on the other hand are healthier, more sociable, and are less likely to bite. Taking care of a guinea pig is easy too.

Guinea pigs need to have hay, fresh water, vegetables, and pellet food. For extra immunity, it is recommended if you give them a vitamin C supplement every day. For their cage, you want a cage that is large enough for them to roam around. To avoid having additional guinea pigs, it is best to separate males from females if you have multiples guinea pigs.

Dogs and cats

Cats and Dogs | Condo-friendly Pets
Cats and Dogs

Well, it is obvious that dogs and cats are still the best pets to have inside a pet-friendly condo. What you should take in consideration is the size of the dog or cat that you are willing to take care of. For dogs, it is advisable to have teacup dogs that are not an active working breed. Breeds like the Shih Tzu and Chihuahua are perfect for living in a condo.

And for cats, Persian and Shorthair breeds are the best for condos. Unlike the ordinary cats people mostly have in the Philippines, these breeds are docile and won’t try to escape your condo. When taking care of these pets, the most important thing that you should train is potty training and staying quiet.

Virtual Pets

Yes, adding something that you can’t even touch might be a little bit strange but virtual pets are technically still pets. Virtual pets are good pets to have when living in a condo unit because obviously, the pet you’re taking care of is just in your mobile phone. There are tons of mobile apps where you can feed, bathe, and train a pet of your choice.

You don’t also have to spend a single cent if you have a virtual pet, except if you buy their in-game content, of course. Another benefit of taking care of a virtual pet is you won’t have to do physical effort for your pet’s maintenance. But the downside of having a virtual pet is you’re not having a real pet.

What to Consider

Pets are fun to have in your condo unit because they are considered as an extended family member. Before considering having one, you should know which one suits your lifestyle. Being a good pet owner is not only achieved by giving your pets their basic needs. You need to spend time and take good care of them too.

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