Easy Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

Easy Home Repairs You can do
Easy Home Repairs You can do

Maintaining your home is not easy as you need consistency and commitment in doing it. However, there are moments where things get broken and you have to call for repairs. If you are naturally a handyman, then you are one lucky person because you no longer have to spend hundreds and sometimes, even thousands of pesos for home repairs.

This is not the case for most people. If you are a person who has no knowledge on home repairs and maintenance, the best thing to do is know one person who knows how to fix things and trust them. The good news is that there are repairs that you can do at home even if you are not an expert.

Knowing how to do these things will not only save you money, it can also help you in maintaining your home constantly. Most of these projects have no risks and you won’t have to use heavy equipment. Here are some home repairs anyone can do.

Repainting a room

Most people hire painters to repaint their house not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to. Sometimes, houses can get so big and painting the walls in it will really be tiring. More people painting the house is also a faster way of getting the paint job finished. If you want to save more, you can paint the room yourself.

Repainting the Walls
Repainting the Walls

When painting your walls, you need to first remove every object inside your house. Then, clean your walls with a damp cloth to remove grease and grime. Lay down some newspapers by the wall to catch the drip. Then, you can proceed to painting the wall. You should first repaint the wall with white before applying your preferred color of choice.

Repairing a light switch

Another easy task you can do at home is repairing your light switch. Most electrical works are done only by electricians but you can do this on your own. The only things you’ll need in repairing your light switch is a flathead and screwdriver, and a replacement light switch. Before repairing the switch, make sure to turn off your circuit breaker.

Once you turned off the breaker, what you need to do is unscrew the screws in your switch plate. Some switch plates have no screws which means you can easily remove it. Afterward, gently pull your switch out of the wall and unscrew the old wires from it. Then replace with your new wires and attach everything to the wall.

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Unclogging sinks

A clogged sink can make your kitchen smell bad. There are situations where you have to call a plumber to fix your kitchen and fix the unclogged sink on your own. Sometimes, even thick bleach can be the simple solution you’re looking for in unclogging sinks. But when the situation calls it, it’s best if you pour a bucket of hot water in your sink.

Then, you want to use a sink plunger to unclog your sink. In some cases, you can use baking soda if grime is the cause of blockage. You can apply the same home repair methods to toilet drains as well. Food waste, hair, soap, and small items are the main causes of blockages among kitchen sinks.

Patching drywalls

If you have drywalls in your home, there’s a huge chance that they’ll have holes once in a while. Small holes in a drywall is easily fixed and you don’t need an expert for it. What you can do is patch your drywall right away with sealants if there are small holes in it. Then, you can apply white paint once the hole is completely sealed.

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Applying caulk for your bathroom

Caulk is the seal that protects your bathroom from moisture. Over time, caulk discolors and you need to replace it. You cannot ignore this problem because it can lead to mold growth and water damage in your bathroom. To apply caulk, you need to use a razor or use a product that softens the old caulk and scrape it off.

Then, use a caulking gun to apply it on your bathroom. It’s like drawing a straight line with a toothpaste so make sure that your hands are steady when applying caulk. If you’re inexperienced, you can first practice on a piece of plywood. There are also caulk strips that you can’t buy if you don’t want to draw the caulk yourself.

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Fixing a leaking faucet

One of the most common household problems is leakage of faucets. To stop and repair a leaking faucet, you first need to shut of your main water source. Then, you want to unscrew the valve stern of the faucet and remove it. Then, you have to unscrew your faucet and remove it from the sink.

Afterward, you want to remove the packing nut and valve stern from the housing using some pliers. Once every part is removed, you can now install a new faucet. When fixing a leaking faucet, it’s important to know what type of faucet you have. There are tons of home repair videos on the internet to help you whatever type of sink you have at home.

Fixing wallpapers

Most homes in the Philippines are using paint as a way to decorate walls. However, wallpaper is a good choice too, you just have to know how to attach it once it’s removed. Home repairing wallpapers are easy. First, paint a thin layer of adhesive on the wallpaper. Then, you have to press the wallpaper against the wall with a seam roller.

A seam roller will flatten and smoothen the wallpaper. If you do not have one, you can use a squeegee. Then, all you have to do is wipe the extra adhesive and let the wallpaper sit there overnight. When wiping the adhesive, do not scrub the towel or tissue because it might cause wrinkles to the wallpaper.

When should you call an expert

Simple Home Repairs to Accomplish yourself
Simple Home Repairs to Accomplish yourself

When it comes to home repairs, you should call an expert if you do not have the necessary knowledge on how to fix a certain part of the house. In some cases, video tutorials won’t cut it and you will need expert help. You should also call a home repair service if you don’t have the tools needed to repair parts of your home. There is no shame in calling for home repairs, but if you can learn fixing things for your family, the better.

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