Expertly Built Homes on Beautiful Landscapes

Camella, the country’s top housing developer, demonstrates its decadeslong expertise in space planning and homebuilding through Camella Hill Series—a line of expertly built homes on well-selected, beautiful landscapes.  

Featuring six model houses namely, Hanna, Hannela, Issa, Jana, Isabela, and Janela,  Camella Hill Series is composed of quality, affordable homes with a house plan unique from other Camella house series — characterized by defined house sections and elevations. As the name suggests, these homes are principally built on mountainous areas, hills or sloping terrains, each one skillfully constructed on solid, firm foundation. 

Through Camella Hill Series, Camella has found the opportunity to build uphill and downhill homes well-architected to fit and embrace the natural form and beauty of uneven grounds. Thus, Camella Hill Series is offered in select Camella communities in Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, Palawan, Samar and Zamboanga del Sur. 

Existing Camella communities offering Camella Hill Series provide an exceptional experience for its crisp and close to nature vibe. Being significantly located on higher grounds, residents are not only blessed with magnificent views of lush mountains, wide meadows or panoramic seas, but of enhanced natural light and ventilation as well.

With lot areas ranging from 88sqm to 121sqm, Camella Hill Series is apt for growing to average, and big families. House models under this series are two-storey single firewalls with three to four bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, and spacious dining and kitchen areas. 

Apart from Hills Series, Camella also has two other popular house series—Camella Homes and Lessandra. Camella Home Series offers large, cozy houses well suited for average-sized to big households while Lessandra Series is a selection of starter homes perfect for young couples and small families. 

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