Why House and Lot Properties Are Your Greatest Advantage During This Pandemic

By: Louiesa Laine S. Malicdem

Pandemics have always been a part of human history. We’ve come across this phenomenon in our history classes and even in literature classes. We have dealt with different influenza pandemics for as long as we could remember and humans are left with no choice but to think of ways on how to combat these widespread diseases starting with isolating the sick and keeping at least 6-feet distance away from each other.

Filipinos are still left in question on how long will this proclaimed Enhanced Community Quarantine proceed. Both Filipinos and foreigners staying in the country have been practicing social distancing and working from home since March 15, 2020, and we have seen great proof that prioritizing self-isolation and staying at one’s own homes can reduce the risks of getting infected. However, this new policy may seem different to every household or individual. 

More than a month deep into community quarantine, we are faced with a new set of challenges. You could guess that many of us turn to fear and paranoia into making sure our neighbors do not have the chance to infect us and our family with the virus. We become skeptical of every person that can go in and out of the neighborhood or residential building. Arched eyebrows, alarmed faces, and faint whispers. These are probably just some scenarios that happen daily. Individuals living in high-rise residential buildings, tenements and rowhouses are always on high alert and an unspoken tension among them continuously rises. 

There are many different living arrangements present across the country and things being what they are, many homeowners are seeing the benefits (and glorious perks) that come with owning a house and lot and realizing that this is more than just a place for retirement.

Buying real estate is one of the most exciting and monumental milestones in life. Not to mention that many do so to elevate their lifestyle. However, during this pandemic, a house and lot proves itself as a worthy investment than any other that can withstand any crisis. Aside from the flexibility and long-term growth value that land property ownership can give you, there are 4 reasons why House and Lot properties are your greatest advantage during this pandemic:


Having your own home ensures you of privacy under your own terms. You can control just how much you let others see what’s inside or outside of your four walls. You can also regulate who comes in and out of your place since you don’t have to live on the same floor or building with others. Essentially, with this level of privacy, you can disinfect all you want with less worry. So, if you’re planning to have your own concert nights with the family, by all means, please do so!


If you invested in a gated community or an exclusive subdivision like Camella, then you are guarded by round-the-clock security and high-tech security systems (CCTVs, etc.). Preventive measures done by top communities even extend further to sanitizing amenities and shuttle buses to keep homeowners from getting infected.  Nothing can beat a good night’s sleep knowing you are protected. Also, aside from your own home, the whole community where you belong is protected from unfamiliar visitors. Your own community admin can also hold regular monitoring of temperatures and can contact the rightful health institutions when one of the homeowners show symptoms of the disease. All of this can be administered without close contact with you and your family.


With the Enhanced Community Quarantine, our movements are limited and watched but definitely not in our own houses. When you live in a house and lot, you have a wider indoor space. That means more space for you and your family to move around. Bake, play, and wander all you want! The country’s biggest real estate developers like Camella offers spacious and grandiose homes like Greta and Freya with 5 comfortable bedrooms where everybody can have their own space and not be bothered by a limiting area. And for what it’s worth, we all know now that our front yards and/or backyards are our new well-loved spaces. A house and lot give you that extra outdoor living space for different activities that you can do to pass time. It can serve as your children’s playground, a place for family games, and hobbies that need a larger moving area. 


The fear and paranoia an individual feels can vanish with this last advantage of having a house and lot. Since rapid dissemination of disease can happen in a densely populated area, the proximity of your house to your own neighbors is far greater if you are living in a premium development like Camella. On the other side of the spectrum, another benefit presents itself because every Camella community is masterplanned which means that you are living closely to Vista Malls and AllDay Supermarkets. You won’t have to travel far and to be exposed longer whenever you need to re-stock supplies. You can also have your own Personal Shopper to do the shopping brought to you by AllHome stores. Altogether, having great proximity from other people decreases your contact with individuals whose health status is unknown and keeps yours intact.

Privacy, Safety, Space, and Proximity give you an overall sense of secureness which can help you best in staying at home. It’s fair to say that you can be worry-free amid this pandemic. As a family, you can be protected from the disease and become part of the people who stem the tide of its transmission. At the end of this catastrophic COVID-19, a house and lot ownership will reveal to be an investment that is long-standing and advantageous. If you have the chance to invest now, then benefit from it forever!

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